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April 07, 2007



Firefly or ABAT already have batteries that will do the serial plugin hybrid now. 40 miles is overly ambitious at this time.

25 miles would be fine. Most people have 8 hours at work to recharge. So quick charge is not necessary either.

Make that a 25 mile range between charging, slow charge batteries, but they ought to cost under 1000 dollars and weigh under 200 pounds for that range.

Put the cash into mass production for ABAT and Firefly and the problem is solved. The Volt and similar copycats by Ford and chrysler could be on the road next year.

But obviously that is not really what the government wants. More pie in the sky with that 40 mile range and quick charge. They can delay for another 3 years.


Firefly does not have a prototype yet. It is all hype as of today. They say they azre to sell their first product to a lawn mower manufacturer this year. I will remain skeptical until they have the prototype.


Too bad. ABAT is definitely proven though. Put tax dollars behind a winner and go with it. Like jeep production in WW 2.

Mass produce the best technology. This GHG disaster is real and so is perpetual oil war. When better batteries come out later they can be plugged in as replacements in serial plugin hybrids.

The market will decide then, but for now the government needs to lead.

Iran is the upcoming invasion, occupation, and nation building target in the sights of big oil.

Way past time to move on this. It is number one on the list to do in order to restore the US economy and national security with it.


The technology is already at hand. Just needs to be massed produced to get the costs down. Get EV 70KWH battery pack production up to 10-20,000 a month and costs would drop greatly. Any 70KWH battery pack in the $10,000 range would set off EV mass marketing and drop prices even more. ABAT uses Altair Nanosafe(c) materials through licensing. Waiting on specs for the Chinese Olympic garbage trucks!


Too bad I just read in an online Forbes article that the deal between ABAT and Altair had "all but fizzled out."

Instead, ABAT is touting new Chinese patent they got for "nano material lithium ion battery". Hopefully they have come up with something cool of their own (and this isn't IP theft from Altair).

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