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April 07, 2007


al fin

Some readers may notice the wording--

could face water shortages

is projected to increase

could increase by 20%

could drop by 50% in some African countries

expected to decline

are projected to be exposed to increasing risks

Climate modeling is not good enough to warrant the confidence that many readers are placing in it.

Everybody favours reducing pollutants, airborne hydrocarbons, CFC's etc. That should be easy to do economically.

Resources are limited. It's best to devote the world's resources to solving real problems we have today.

barry hanson

Climate modeling is plenty good enough to warrant using the "precautionary principle".

and,No...not everyone does want to reduce pollutants. That is the problem. In terms of primary energy 80% is wasted in transportation, 70% is wasted in electric generation and 50-75% is wasted for heat.

And...there are some who are able to profit enormously from using the global atmosphere as their corporate dump. The US dumps 2 billion tons per year of fossil carbon into the atmosphere, it's as simple as that. The IPCC report describes the external costs that my granddaughter will pay for the short term excessive fossil fuel related profits enjoyed by a few.

We are all guilty to a degree, I know that. My complaint is with those who make the energy policy...and A) benefit as a result of that corruption. And B) leave the rest of us with limited options when we would prefer to develop renewable energy for example.

Kit P.

Barry, I am betting that you have not read nor have a clue about US energy policy. Furthermore, no law prevents you from developing renewable energy. Between 1990 and 1999, Renewable energy was the second largest source increased electricity generation (US National Energy Policy, May 2001, pg 6-12).

Anyone is free to choose the life style of the Amish which would appear to have a great deal of merit. I suspect Barry is more like Al Gore. He wants to use as much energy as he can while pointing a finger at those who produce it.

Rather than call people corrupt, trick them by turning off your hot water heater. Teach your granddaughter the joys of a world without proper sanitation.

Nathan - How to Prevent Global Warming Newsletter

I'm really glad that this information is starting to get into the mainstream.

I've been really amazed at how much the conversation about global warming has changed since Gore's movie came out. I'm super excited to see people finally becoming more aware of this issue!

Nathan Brown
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