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April 11, 2007




I understand the mayor of Mexico city is a hard-core leftist and staunch supporter of Obrador "the election was certainly stolen because I received less votes".

I am happy to see a hard-leftist supporting BEVs.

I think the issue of BEVs replacing ICEs will bring a division among left ranks. The progressive left will welcome this development. The post-colonial and reactionary leftists, whose whole sense of worth and existence depends on bashing America (and by extension western civilization) for stealing middle east oil, will be finding that the west is now relying less and less on ME oil, and that their whole post-colonial dialectics is going down the toilet. You will see the post-colonial (and post-modern cultural) leftists cry foul and declare that BEV is another western conspiracy to rule the world and steal its natural resources (reduction in oil imports not withstanding). They will bring up lets say lithium and claim that all the advances and wealth in the western world is stolen from that one lithium producing salt flat in Bolivia. This has already happened. Check peak-lithium theory by Tahill.

I am welcoming this development and applaud the progressive and enlightened left (a pretty small minority among leftists) in their embrace of BEVs.

juan de Triana


Harvey D.

Any rumours for 10 000 units for LA and 20 000 each for NY City and London and 30 000 for Beijing etc.


Azure about to announce a major order for hybrid vehicles by the Governor of California. The new Obama government expected to put 100 million into hybrid project.

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yes yes yes. this is the best option, we need to start using this kind of cars, great idea

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