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April 25, 2007


Greg woulf

Go-Go A123, I hope they can get as many pokers in the fire as possible.

Here's to staying out of the tool business and in the auto.

Electric Car Fan

I am suspicious of this move. I think it may be another attempt to keep this technology off the market. I wish Telsa would come out with a kit to convert Prius to plugins.


Are they going to use A123+Cobasys tech in HyMotion products? I wouldn't call that synergy but buying out the competition.


This looks bad. It's scary enough that A123 is working with Cobasys (Chevron owned oil company). Are they buying the competition or suffocating a technology opportunity?


Well they also might be trying to get more say on the development of the Southern California plugin development.



This is not a good sign. For A123 to go vertical is akin to Intel during its founding days would go into PC manufacturing and software. The only bright side is that A123 would get access to battery packaging and EV deployment talent and data.

Why would they spend their hard earned cash on such a venture beats me. Unless of course their order books are overflowing, which is something they have claimed before.

I dont necessarily buy the technology suffocating argument. But I am sure if nLiFePO4 is what it is billed to be, it would have a lot of enemies. How difficult is it to make this powder anyways?


Cheaper panels that use less silicon.



A123 were given a $40 million grant just before they acquired Hymotion for ...$40 million.

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Metro Ethernet

for me is fine.
again is something that the environment gonna be thankful for!!

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I have seen hybrids and electric vehicles, but never a hybrid that you can plug in an charge. I would love to see that come around... or would you even need that?

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