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March 02, 2007


Plano Resident

CONGRATULATIONS TXU on hacking trees in McKinney. Looks like you were more concerned with saving money by cutting away all branches than with the quality of the trees in the neighborhood, or how the residents feel about what's left of the trees.

GOOD THINKING, whoever made that decision!


Connie Wooding

TXU is by far, the worst energy company doing business in the State of Texas. They have turned off my power IN ERROR 3 times in the last 10 days! They refuse to give me the information on where to file a claim for lost wages and property damage. They exacerbate the problem by refusing to accept responsibility for making the same error, not once, but THREE TIMES. They were my electricity provider for the last 6 years, but needless to say, I have chosen another carrier now. If you want to do business with a responsible electrical provider, you should zip right past the TXU sign up area!!!!!!!!!

Account Deleted

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