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March 15, 2007



IGCC is not the leader in CCS, see the announcement by AEP today


The CO2 captured at Northeastern Station will be used for enhanced oil recovery.
Thats not carbon storage.
Thats just a shell game.

AEP has also signed an MOU with The Babcock & Wilcox Company (B&W), a world leader in steam generation and pollution control equipment design, supply and service since 1867, for a feasibility study of oxy-coal combustion technology.
B&W, in collaboration with American Air Liquide Inc., has been developing oxy-coal combustion, a technology that utilizes pure oxygen for the combustion of coal.

And hows that supposed to be a step forward from IGCC?

Especially Airblown IGCC, which doesn't need pure oxygen to operate.


Besides which, Direct Carbon Fuel Cells do better than both of em. Need no water to operate, and give double the generation efficiency.

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Paul Dietz

And hows that supposed to be a step forward from IGCC?

The Alstom/AEP process can be retrofitted on existing powdered coal plants. The importance of this is difficult to overstate. With a parasitic power consumption of only 15% -- about half that of competing post-combustion processes, and also much lower costs -- this could fundamentally alter the political calculus behind CO2 emission controls in the US.


GreyFlcn wrote: a technology that utilizes pure oxygen for the combustion of coal.
And hows that supposed to be a step forward from IGCC?

Normal air is 78 percent nitrogen. Combustion in pure oxygen prevents the production of exhaust-contamination that comes in the form of oxidized nitrogen.

The CEDF will be used to validate a technology called “oxy-coal combustion” that utilizes pure oxygen for the combustion of coal in electricity generating plants. In this system, nitrogen that comes in with the air for the combustion process is eliminated. As a result, the exhaust gas is a relatively pure stream of CO2 that is ready for long-term storage operations.

Timely, Jim. Right after the AP story concerning the draft of the next report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Drought and famine affecting millions around the globe.

As more reports come in, there would seem to be more and more spin from coal and oil. Vinod Khosla estimated $80 million was spent on the campaign that failed to defeat SB1 in California.


Conversion to natural gas underground. That's the very best way to use coal.

The natural gas used in fuel cell/turbines. The CO2 feeding algae in solar collectors. That make biodiesel and cellulose that will also run the fuel cell/turbines.

Gautam K Das

This is the ERA for Nano Technology, we must go for more intensive research on Renewable Energy Products and Energy Efficient Devices. Coal based TPP has became a threat to wards enviornment. We have to go for a common International Laws on the use of Coal. We have to save our future mankind from Global Worming, by introducing Global Laws.

Gautam K Das
Energy Consultant


Portfolio managers have a great deal of responsibility within an organization; not only do they have to be mindful of individuals responsible for managing portfolio components, but they also have to be mindful of executive management, which sets the strategy.

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coal reports

For me,let's just hope for the best.We can't ignore the fact of life that we will continue to use coal.Let's just hope for the best and take action on how we can lessen these effects.Which in fact These business industries together with governments is taking actions.Love reading your blog.Keep it up!


coal statistics would suggest the commodity isn't going anywhere. Coal reports show if we have to live with it, we may as well reduce the impact of coal and CCS seems to be the best solution found to date. Cherry www.coalportal.comWhile for some an ideal world would see no reliance on coal industry to produce electricity,

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With the research of new technologies it seems that coal might be going out of popularity and use.


The report is extremely comprehensive and in my view very objective and should play an important role in determining government policy regarding coal fired power plants.


With the research of new technologies it seems that coal might be going out of popularity and use.

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