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March 03, 2007


Kit P.

I think interveners serve a useful purpose in a democratic society. IMO, UCS is one of the more reasonable and responsible environmental lobby group. However, they are otherwise totally irresponsible in that they are not responsible for anything except their own behavior.

Do not bother to read it since USC does not produce cars.


"Do not bother to read it since USC does not produce cars."

I guess by that logic we should not listen to anyone that does not do something they are commenting on:
Consumer reports
Almost all writers of anything
and most of the internet, and unless Kit P. is either a car builder or an environmental lobby group, you should probably ignore his advise as well.



Global warming? Is CO2 the cause or the result of.




I'm all for constructively questioning climate science, but let's start with this:

Prof Clark believes increased levels of CO2 are because the Earth is heating up and not the cause. He says most CO2 in the atmosphere comes from the oceans, which dissolve the gas.

When the temperature increases, more gas is released into the atmosphere and when global temperatures cool, more CO2 is taken in. Because of the immense size of the oceans, he said they take time to catch up with climate trends, and this ‘memory effect’ is responsible for the lag.

It's quite clear that currently the net flux of carbon is into the oceans; start here.


UCS is a left-wing activist group. It's a sad bunch rooted in politics to make money rather than science. The Energy Blog would do better to avoid such radical left or right organizations.

Yes enoch, the CO2 and Global Warming threat is not science. Anyone open minded can read both sides and see that scientists can not agree. It's just become a "religion" of sort with no scientific basis. I wish we would attack known proven environmental problems such as the Gulf of Mexico water polution to name but one real problem!

Oh well, all the global warming hype is at least pushing us toward more efficiency and renewable energy. If we could just get the radical Muslims more concerned with global warming maybe they would drop the "genocide of infidels" religon practice and start bombing private jets, big motor yachts, etc. of those horrible rich folks like Al Gore..haha. What a funny world. JohnBo


JohnBo and Enoch you guys are a sad bunch. I don't know why I'm even bothering to write this much. Comments such as yours are best ignored.


As a member of UCS and Leonardo Energy I feel compelled to post. Radicals?, if wanting to conserve and preserve what we have left and trying to amend the damage we as a species have done so far is constituted as being radical, so be it. Our Dear Mother has suffered enough damage and anyone with a conscience must concede that reperarations need to be made. If we all tried to lessen the size of our foot print on Earth,it is my belief that this world would be a better place to live for us and our progeny.

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