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March 02, 2007



My God, this plan is idiotic. We dont need to fund research into doubling mpg; we already know how to do it. The legislative mechanism is called CAFE.

Free gas pumps for E85! Whoopee! There's a great idea. Excuse me, Gentle Reader. And I thought Bush was stupid.

Kit P.

I do not bother to read legislation until it is close to be law. The 2005 energy bill was a very good. It was clear that most critics did not read it. When it comes to energy/environmental policy the Bush team is not stupid but the new plan does not so sound new.


Seems the democratas are just reaching in lue of the photo opt Bush had with Phoenix/A123. The energy debate is starting real early... I hope it has enough teeth to sink into the minds of the people to last until the presidential election. Maybe perception of the masses is about to change, for the better I hope. I'd like to see alternative energy solutions become a hot topic of debate... especially since it affects other issues such as foreign oil dependance, GHG, energy independance so forth and so on.

david foster

(1)Hoyer said the bill also would offer a stimulus to help rail freight shippers build more tanker cars to transport ethanol. Why do they need this "help"? From what I've seen, the railroads are aggressively pursuing the ethanol-transport market.

2)If rail-based mass transit systems are built in areas where they will not be heavily utilized, I wonder what the *real* energy balance will look like. Making steel rails and railcars requires a lot of energy, which is well repaid *if* utlization is high.

steven davies

There are some really good ideas about automobile fuel efficiency,but I don't think they can be so easily fulfiled.

Kit P

Steven, why would you think something is a good idea if it is impractical?

This is just another example of passing the buck while refusing to pass effective legislation. This is called playing to the party base to get reelected.

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