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March 05, 2007


Kit P.

“The U.S. spends $3 billion a year to research technologies to cut global warming and $2 billion on climate research. Bush has formed a partnership with Australia, China, India, Japan and South Korea — producers of half the world's greenhouse gases — to attract private money for cleaner energy technologies.”


Why is it that the link between high levels of immigration and environmental damage is never discussed, anywhere? The relationship is pretty obvious. Population growth in the United States is largely driven by immigration. More people = more cars on the roads + more electrical usage = more CO2 emissions. Why on god's green earth do we need to keep on importing millions of people every year? Just once, I'd like to hear a discussion about the environmental impact of immigration in the mainstream media. Am I expecting too much?


On the other hand, these millions of people could probably be used to the environment's advantage by marketing mass transit towards them and providing jobs in the renewable energy sector for them.


I would like to see a discussion on the relationship between population growth and global warming.

Is it the right of a couple to have 11 children (average for a Muslim couple) or for that matter 3 or 4 children? Where is this right enshrined?

Do the extra 9 children put a burden on global resources or not?

I think a leftist environmentalist should answer this question, before they start complaining about climate change and environmental degredation and accusing Americans for each and every evil in the world.


BTW thanks Jim for fixing the centering bug. I almost did not notice the fix, cause its so normal this way.


I am glad others feel the way I do regarding population growth. It is clearly the cause of environmental degradation. Indeed it is the cause of all resource problems including food, energy, health, housing, education, etc. etc. I find it amazing one needs a licence for fishing but not for having children. The right to having as many babies as desired should be the hot topic of the envionmental concerned, NOT global warming. Lets treat the cause. What about all the immigrants coming out of California? How about a new law in California - one kid per woman then it's the knife...haha. JohnBo


Where did the "11 children" figure come from. A bit hard to take you seriously after that.



I agree with most of what you posted. The part about forced sterilization might be a bit over the top... just a smidge. If we get control of our borders and reduce legal immigration to pre 1965 levels, then the total U.S. population should begin to stabilize. The only problem is finding honest politicians who will actually fulfill their responsibilities. You know, the little things like making sure our laws are enforced and our borders defended.



I agree with you too. It seems our Washington DC crew is out of touch, out of control and in it for all they can get.


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