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March 09, 2007



France gets a signifigant share of it's energy from nuclear power - hasn't the technology improved since 3 mile island to allow the United States to do the same thing?
Or are we going to hear more caterwauling from environmentalists who keep looking for alternitive energy sources but don't actually want to use any?

Tony Belding

We have the possibility now to leapfrog right over nuclear fission and go to something more advanced. Check this report. . .


Why we aren't building this reactor, I have no idea. The potential is huge, and the cost of building a demonstration device would appear to be relatively small.

Kit P.

French reactors are based on US designs. It should be noted that the other reactor at TMI is a very good performing plant and also very safe. Even though the core was destroyed at TMI, the public was protected from a release by multiple barriers.

New designs of reactors will contain larger masses of water, larger containments, and new instrumentation giving operators more time to react to any failure.


Re: Fusion reactor. There are several people claiming that they have either the design for a small scale fusion reactor, or that they have enough information to build a prototype if only there were some funds available. This blog had postings on some of them in the past.
Since the investment asked for is very modest, and the potential rewards are huge, you would think that private capital would line up for the opportunity. The fact that no risk taking venture capital firms will jump in, would indicate that these scientist couldn't make a compelling enough case.

Paul Dietz

Why we aren't building this reactor, I have no idea.

Gosh, could it be because it probably won't actually work? Bussard is many orders of magnitude away from having demonstrated plasma and energy confinement needed for a real reactor. Proton-boron fusion is very difficult, much more difficult than D-T fusion.

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