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March 08, 2007


Freddy B

That is pretty awesome, I wonder if in the case of burning the fuel in an industrial turbine what the fuel quality needs to be like?


Lemme guess

They are using Palm Oil?


I'm not quite sure what's the point. For transportation you really want your fuel in convenient liquid form. For power generation isn't it preferable to make use of all the heat energy of the biomass, not just the parts which are in the form of oils?

Using all the heat energy would require a steam cycle, which has a bigger upfront cost. So why get into risky long-term investments in a scheme that probably doesn't even make sense economically without government support?

A diesel generator or turbine can be delivered in a shipping container and has a good resale value. Quickly buy one and reap those green coupons as long as they're coming!


I wonder about the main modification of diesel engine if any? And does the natural acidity of biodiesel have any negative effect on the machinery? Something very important, cost of the biodiesel (MMBTU/$US)

Green Machine

Oren T - Biodiesel doesnt have any acidity, natural or otherwise when made correctly. The diesel engine (post 1996) will work just fine on anything from 1% to 100% biodiesel - all with lower emissions.
Freddy B - Its not palm oil, or soybean oil - its from the USA and its as green as you can get.


if any one have genuine information about this biodiesel power plant,please forward the information to my mail id.

Alt Fuel Fan

The Oak Ridge North power plant is actually powered by generators that run on chicken fat. Biodiesel is currently produced from a number of products, including soy bean oil, cotton seed oil, and yellow grease, among other things. Turning animal fat into Biodiesel is not new, it's just not (yet) being done to any great extent. The low, uneven quality of chicken fat (a factor when being considered as a biofuel stock,) is normally shipped to a few vendors in other states to be used in soaps, as filler in pet foods and a few other consumer products. Chicken Fat Biodiesel


Biofuels Power is now running a 10MW frame 5 turbine at their Oak Ridge Facility. It seems to be running almost 24 hrs/day. They are working with a new company called Compendium Alternatives for their fuel supply. I can't find any info. on this company and the folks in Oak Ridge do not seem willing to offer any either. Rumor has it that this company has developed a low priced, turbine suitable green fuel available in large quantities. I don't understand why they would be so secretive if this product does exist. I would imagine the market for this fuel source could be huge. If anyone knows anything more about Compendium please post. I'm bending a few ears in Oak Ridge next week and hope to report on this potential fuel.

Yash Tamrakar


Amazing !!!!!

Is it give Sinewave Output ?

Waiting for response


give me brief technique how to connect the Generating generator with the Grid? if i get the interconnecting instruments that will help me understand the Technology

brian skoda

what is the amount of co is released with smoke stack and how many barrarols do they burn in a day

we need the answer to this question

call 423 307 4939

Timi Simpson

Shashwat Jatropha is a renewable energy company. 10MWs to be produced from biodiesel is awesome!

My organisation is interested in such a capacity for supply to 18 cities in Nigeria. We would supply the biodiesel with any partner that would convert our inedible Jatropha Oil Seeds into biodiesel from our 7,000ha Jatropha Plantation. A contract to deliver 2,500MW of electricity to capital cities in Nigeria was announced.
Prospective Partners, let's talk!!

Tarun Goyal

Please tell me what is the difference between Bio diesel & Normal diesel.which is best for power generation.

Celestine Vincent

Is there a bio fuel technology available that can produce 200 MW power using. Interested to work on a partnership on a government initiative.


My two cents, with average knowlege of biofuel technology: I believe there is some difference in "power generation." Biodeisel is slighlty more efficient. The "point" of all of this is that bioeisel doesn't add additional carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. A promising feedstock for biodeisel is algea technology. Algea consumes Carbon Dioxide as it grows, and then all you need is sunlight and water after that. Theoretically, algea is "carbon neutral."

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