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March 08, 2007



Feed it through an algae bioreactor and you end up using almost all the CO2 for fuel, displacing even more oil imports.


Considering CTL causes double the net CO2 emmisions of normal petrofuel.
And algae only blocks 30% of the CO2.

No, no it wouldn't.


Better idea.
Forget the Coal.
Forget the Fischer-Tropsch Gasification. (38% effecient)

Start with Alage
Put it into a Direct Carbon Fuel Cell. (70% effecient)
Generate half electricity, and half liquid fuel. (Or just electricity)
And then use the carbon/nitrogen emmisions to grow more algae, and reduce air pollutants.


How about government loan guarantees for much more mundane energy-saving investments like more efficient air conditioning or better insulation for commercial buildings? They may not be so sexy but the energy returns on these can be huge. This should also help balance the upcoming wave of unemployment in the construction sector.

Tim Nolen

Two points:
First, If you want CTL plants, you do need tax incentives because everyone expects the costs of other hydrocarbon sources to drop. Tax incentives are justified by the externality of energy security as we are currently spending 25 dollars/barrel equivalent on military operations in the Middle East!

Second, CO2 sequestration is truly a monumental problem for CTL because of the large, sustained quantity of CO2 production in such plants. A CTL plant will produce more CO2 than coal coming in, and four times as much CO2 than liquid products.

So, my prediction is that if tax incentives require full CO2 sequestration, then they will not be used and there will be no viable CTL industry.


Thank you for an informative article. We realy need to find a way to decrease C02

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