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March 21, 2007


Robert McLeod

Photonic crystals require periodic variations in a material's density on the same order of the light's wavelength, e.g. 1000 - 400 nm for the sun's spectrum, in order to play games with interference phenomenon. This means you're going to need to come up with a very sophisticated manufacturing technique to produce these patterns in bulk. Most photonic crystals being produced now for science are 1-dimensional, or 2-D at best.

I think that patterning the front and back surface of the cell to trap light is a cheaper alternative, and it's already in use. A number of cells use a series of repeating pyrmids to create total internal reflection when the photon tries to escape.

Chin Hsien

sounds very strange... like a friction...

Only light with its energy (frequency) larger than the bandgap of photovotaic material can be converted to electricity.

The light pass through the photovotaic material, let's say silicon, is already with less energy and unconvertable. It is useless to retain the light inside, am I right? One possible design is to use "up converting" back material which convert the unutilized light to higher energy level (higher frequency) that can be utilized by photovotaic material, and reflecting such light back to photovotaic material for further conversion to electricity.

Chin Hsien

sorry, wrong spelling:
like a "fiction" ...


There are practical fabrication routes to 3D photonic crystals, but most of them are only good for covering areas of a square cm or so. Covering large areas at reasonable prices will require a conceptual manufacturing breakthrough.

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Technology Review, March 21, 2007 -- ... The effort uses a type of material called a photonic crystal that makes it possible to "do things with light that have never been done before," says John Joannopoulos, a professor of physics at MIT who heads the lab where the new designs for solar applications were developed. ...



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