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March 21, 2007



This is a trend in liberal politics here, cut subsidies for fossil and nuclear power and give them to renewables and plugin vehicles. It is finally showing up on the political radar.

Since raising any taxes, even imposing carbon tax is political suicide, this is the only way to proceed.

brian hans


I wish USA could do the same w/coal (surely I jest that will actually happen).

Harvey D.


I agree with you. This was a very wise political (and ecological) decision from Mr. Harper. Being from Alberta, it was not an easy thing to do. It is truly appreciated in the rest of Canada.

Most provinces will follow with similar programs. The compound effect is interesting and should be a boost for Hybrids, PHEVs and BEVs + all fuel efficent vehicles.

The Big-3 + UAW do not like it. Toyota and Honda with 50%+ of the 20 vehicles getting a rebate love it.


It's definitely a start in the right direction. Oil will never go away completely if we still want all the other benefits that it has to offer and I think that is the point. We need to move away from it for personal transportation needs and at the same time, I think inflation will slow down once we bring the price of oil down. I'm not an economist but it seems that the price of oil is driving the world economy into an inflationary position?
And......I'm not holding my breath that Bush and the Oil Boys are going to go down this road any time soon. They make a lot of money off of oil.


It is a wise decision, but where will ethanol come from? Can Canada company make it? Iogen may not be in the race anymore after one or two years since Iogen's R&D is so weak!

Francesco DeParis

NAFTA will surely play an important role in the ethanol trade. The US might see itself with a greater ethanol supply than demand...leveraging these supplies with export markets will hopefully help producers in the short term. European markets are opening the gates to ethanol imports as the EU recently implemented an alternative energy minimum use regulation throughout all member countries. Please read more about alternative energy on my blog: www.energyspin.com


I don't see why Pickup trucks were exempt from these new levies, I'm pretty sure the majority of pickups are for personal use not business or farm use, so why exempt them?

I still favour h.p. caps, as the people who can afford hummers can afford the gas and the levy. So while it will make hybirds more affordable for those so inclined I doubt it will curb the big vehicles as much as expected.

Adding SUVs to the car makers fleet average fuel consupmtion over five years would also force the production of smaller engines.

This move was a start but I don't buy that it is a real move towards a sustainable green plan. It was rather just window dressing that won't cost them too much.


Hopefully, when the help will be cut, oil companies there start using more efficient methods of oil extraction, such as closed-loop extraction. As an example, Americans (Nevtah) have used it already in Uta, and are happy with it.


Great technolgy Alex! Now if it were powered by wind and solar? Very clean.

Too bad Canadian companies are not going this route.

I still like wind electric powered plasma torch drilling extraction (it gasifies the tar underground and transports it up the drill pipe directly into the refinery)or bacterial conversion of tar sands to biogas underground. No mining is involved, both processes leave the mess underground.


Good idea about wind and solar, especially for Utah, where Nevtah is using its method :)
About Alberta, I wouldn't be so sure... The bacterial conversion has a big flow - it's very hard to control the bacteria, that can overgrow and contaminate the environment. The plasma extraction just expensive.
So, may be it's worth to point the Canadian companies into the right direction?

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