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March 21, 2007



This could be a problem. We could end up meeting the goal with only non-sequestered CTL.


As yet we have no PHEVs in production, nor enough BEVs to really compete on a practical level. The last estimate for PHEV costs I saw is that they could add $10k to the cost of the vehicle because the batteries are still very expensive.

Climate risks needs to be weighed against the geopolitical and national security risks of depending on unstable third world nations like Nigeria and Venezuela. We have a secure domestic energy source in coal and Canadian oilsands. That fact by itself has merit.


Energy security is important and the alternative energy standard addresses it. However it would leave nothing addressing the issue of GHG emissions which is surely also important.


A) $/mile
B) foreign/mile
C) co2/mile
D) toxics/mile

With this, I think it's pretty obvious Bush doesn't care about achieving C or D, as long as he gets A and B.

And with CTL, you'd be doing exactly that.


As far as I've heard from EPRI
PHEVs need to target the $2000 price surplus range.

But as for the 10K price thing.
Thats assuming you took the A123 Batteries out of a Dewalt36v battery pack, and then made enough to make a car out of it.

Hardly call that a representative price.

Especially considering how sensitive battery prices are to economies of scale.


Hell, for 9,000$ you could buy a Tesla Roadster.....

And it's got a monster of a battery array (250mile range using standard LiIon), and the acceleration of a Ferrari.


I find it hard to imagine that a 40mile range nanolithium battery setup would cost $10,000 when it was sold in the car market.


Bleh, make that $90,000 for a tesla.
Brain fart.

Either way, $10,000 just for some batteries seems rather steep if it's coming from A123 Systems in any sort of bulk purchase.


i'm looking material of scrap cell for a 3000Kg. where i can find it. can you let me know..tks

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The coal liquids should be required to be produced from coal mined in an environmentally consious manner and the CTL process be required to sequester all emissions.

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