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March 22, 2007



do you mean AMAT rather than AMD? YES


The SolarWorld facility announced for Hillsboro, Oregon is going to be a 500 MW/year facility, so we're getting closer to the 1 GW/year capacity you mentioned (about half way to be exact!). See here for more

Jesse Jenkins

Thomas Foreman

Solar energy makes me happy. I would to see more manufacturing in the United States. I would love to see us be producers and users of Solar Energy. Less dependence on other counties for our energy needs. If the Us government is going to supply funds for BP to generate PV they should recipracate by creating the means of production in the USA. Why are we giving them money to help shop jobs and energy creation to other parts of the world?

How much money did BP get in this last round of cash incentives? I'm not sure but I think it was 40 million or more?
If we incenives it we should have the manufacturing and jobs in the USA!
Thomas Foreman.


Well NanoSolar is pretty far along with their San Jose California CIGS thinfilm plant.

It's gonna manufacture 430MW of solar per year.

Cool part about CIGS thinfilm is that
1. The Capital Cost is about 10x less
2. The Materials Cost is about 10x less
3. The Labor Cost is comprable to automated printing newspapers.

Sure CIGS thinfilm is only about 10% effecient. But the cost is so low :P

But whats more, once they get those quantum dots worked out. CIGS thinfilm may be able to match solar thermal in solar effeciency.


I love solar power I think over the next few years it's going to be exploding even more... as performance of solar panels goes up people are going to be adopting it everywhere they can... after all it's free energy :) BTW here is more solar power information -> Solar Power

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A very informative pst. I really learned something from your post. Thank you for sharing. Solar power is little expensive it produce very cheap energy and its for long time.

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Is Sharp associated with BP?

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