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March 16, 2007



When CO2 is used for oil recovery, how effectivly is it sequestered, if at all? Is there any information available on this subject?

Francesco DeParis

With the one of the largest install bases in the world, clean-coal technology will continue to be a top priority. I am surprised there is no mention of this technology being deployed in China. With their rising levels of air pollution and extreme use of coal for most energy solutions, I am sure the Chinese government would welcome this with open arms. As 2008 approaches sooner by the minute, Beijing is trying to do everything to "clean up its act". I will comment on this on my blog, www.energyspin.com in the next couple of weeks. Cheers!

Harvey D.

Ontario Hydro (Canada) is another potential user of the three recent technologies to capture and convert CO2 a into useful byproduct.

Since releasing tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere is still free of charge, coal fired power plants have no economical advantage to spend $ millions to capture + convert CO2 into useful byproducts.

When releasing CO2 will cost $20+/Ton, it will become another story. Short of that, not much will be done.

Kit P

I used to live 'downwind' PPL’s Montour power plant.

Our air quality was pristine and this before adding the recent controls.

“PL marks the completion of $600 million environmental improvement project at Montour power plant”

I found two things interesting about this improvement. The initial and continuing cost,

“30 permanent new jobs at the Montour plant to operate and maintain the scrubbers and related equipment”

The recycling of pollution,

“The byproduct is synthetic gypsum, which will be used by United States Gypsum Co. to manufacture drywall at a $180 million manufacturing facility across the road from the Montour plant in Washingtonville. The drywall plant is expected to create 150 permanent jobs for the community surrounding the plant.”

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I wonder if this has gone into effect with the coal powered electric power plants.


The second MOU is with Alstom (Paris: ALS) to bring Alstom’s chilled ammonia process for CO2 capture to full commercial scale of up to 200 MW by 2011. The technology has the great advantage versus other technologies of being fully applicable not only for new power plants, but also for the retrofit of existing coal-fired power plants.


wonder if this has gone into effect with the coal powered electric power plants.

CGS cat back exhaust

Using and reusing energy uses energy at the same time. We need all that we can to restore much needed energy. We also need all the help we can get by applying the concepts involved above.

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