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March 08, 2007



You have two typos.
"Their" is used twice in the last sentence instead of "there".

Kit P.

Now Thomas Foreman can lead us in a chorus of God Bless America followed by a group hug. At the same time, to make sure your wallet is secure. While the folks at http://www.thesunsharvest.com look like they have a good product, when it sounds too good to be true maybe it is a con job.

Just because I have not been able to figure out how to make a ethical buck harnessing energy from the sun, does not preclude other from being able to do it. I have no objection to solar panels as status symbols like SUVs. Please spare me the world peace stuff.

Kit P.

I asked S. CARB in 1991 where the electricity was going to come from. Got a clever lie. Burning coal in Nevada, Utah, and Arizona is the correct answer.

Ken Potter

It is interesting that the batteries are still too expensive. Let us hope that EEStore is not a con job. The electricity can come from nuclear, wind, solar, biofuel or coal


Only 40% of California electricity is from burning coal, and that percentage is dropping. California has substantial hydro, wind, solar, and The Guysers geothermal plant.

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