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March 20, 2007



It's a paralell hybrid with the rear wheel electric and the front wheels diesel powered. Interesting. A very simple design.

And great for converting a regular front wheel drive car. Just electrify the back wheels.


Is the 200 mpg for a charge depleting or sustaining strategy? A standard "fuel consumption" needs to be introduced that covers HEV and PHEV so that consumers can make educated choices rather than relying upon the choices of the marketing.


At first glance this appears to be a car nobody will buy, except seriously dedicated greens who now ride a moped to work to save gasoline.

I realize this is a niche vehicle, and I doff my hat to Robert Q. Riley for bringing it to market. I just wish more electric-car companies would learn something from Tesla's vision -- i.e., build a car people will actually want to drive, and will feel secure buckling their kids into.

Peter Hunt


How big is the diesel? What is the cornering/suspension lay out?
I would really like to see the prototype. Any chace of getting the EEStor capcitor in it?

Be well.


Peter Hunt, I'm feeling like the EEStor capacitor is a "pie in the sky" idea. I thought by now we would have had more from that company as to what stage they are at, or whether this battery is actually going to be developed. They set some dates that got passed by and I haven't seen anything else to since.
As far as the car above, I have to agree that the style might not sell. I'm not a big fan of three wheels, not that I wouldn't buy it, especially if the price was right. I think the Tesla look is better for sales.

Francesco DeParis

Like the Mini, if this is fun to drive, buyers will come. Automotive manufacturers are also rolling out more hybrid options in the next 2 years. I have also seen upgrade kits for the Prius that extend the mileage over 100MPG. Cheers.


What is the attraction with 3 wheeled vehicles? The design concept has been around for decades, and the horrid vehicle dynamics are well understood. Have the various new wave e-car companies made a startling leap in engineering, or is this just technological wankery?

Randy Park

George, my understanding of the appeal of three wheels is that in many cases (here in Ontario for example) they are classified as "motorcycles" and thus not subject to the many automobile requirements for safety, etc.


if never have to charge I will to buy :)


As a niche only vehicle it is OK. But more electric-car companies must start building cars of all sizes which people will feel safe in and will want to buy. Cars and 4x4s for the safe transportation of our children and our pets are what is required... not just 'niche objects' for inner city transport.

Great blog by the way, informative in so many different ways.

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this looks very wonderful

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