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February 10, 2007



And exactly how much mass was removed, relative to conventional current automobile materials? What is the cost per kilogram of removed mass?


How much petroleum goes into producing those plastics?

Wind Lover

This press release is about useless. And it makes me worried that the volt will be filled with cheap feeling plastic and it will turn off consumers.

Jason C

The result of these innovations is real, and will not be rejected by the public. There should be little concern about the feel and appearance of these plastics being "cheap". The reason I believe in these innovations? Most/All are already used......in the Chevy Corvette. And the weight reduction is terrific, just ask the heavier Ford GT, Mustang, and Mazaradi that the vet beat out.

FYI, I don't own a Corvette but my father does. How they got away with using bamboo for the flooring I'll never know!

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