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February 24, 2007



The VentureOne also has separate power to each of the rear wheels which allows automatic traction control, steering assist, and ABS braking to be entirely embedded in software. This eliminates the need for costly additional components and combined with the lack of transmission, severely limits the amount of money a consumer will have to put into maintenance.

I have ATC, steering assist, and ABS braking on a car that I've had for 11 years. None of those systems has ever had any maintenance to speak of and they are all working fine. I have changed the transmission fluid a couple times.

The important question: How many Cup Holders? Will it make insecure people feel powerful?


My only questions: Why haven't I heard of this before? and, When can I buy one?

Paul Shore

My question for George is:
Do you have small 4 liter car that you can drive that doesn't make you look like an high-strung little dork?

Greg Woulf

This thing looks like a blast, and perfect for a single driver commute. It's got the back seat so I could carry groceries and save money.

I have no problem financially carrying two cars, and I wouldn't trade this one in as fast as my other, so there wouldn't be a payment once I get it paid off.

I wouldn't get this for soccer mom's, but anyone like me that can have two cars and wants to have fun driving seems just right.

Janis Mara

OMG, this is the cutest car I've seen since the new electric car, the Xebra - and it sounds like this car doesn't have to be recharged every 40 miles like the Xebra, correct? (Except for the all-electric model, I'm wondering?) I agree that it would be perfect for a single driver commute. Of course, I do also understand the critical importance of cupholders ;-)


It's got two seats, it can commute two people, more comfortably than a bike can it seems, so why single driver commute?


Why single-driver commute?  Because that's what most people do in their 4-, 5- and 7- passenger vehicles now.

I've been talking to the Venture folks on their forums.  It sounds like they've got the right attitude and plenty of savvy.  This means a.) It's going to be good, and b.) I want one!


Finally a serial plugin hybrid! Make it with 2 wheels or four wheels now.

Either one would sell fast! But three wheels are problematic.

A two wheeler of this serial plugin hybrid design with automatically extending roller skids that prevent tip over when stopped would rule the roads!

Hans Wurst

What's problematic about *this* three wheeler (taking into account that it tilts, rather than rolls over)?

cliff brooks

I work as a firefighter/paramedic and a flight medic on my days off. My question is: is there ANY storage in this vehicle and also WHERE CAN I GET ONE AND WHEN??????? LOL . . . seems like thats the most important question we ALL want answered!

Dave Langkamp

I am thrilled to finally see someone produce a vehicle that exceeds the looks and capabilities of GM's Lean Machine. The Lean Machine was built in the 1980's and like all the other big auto makers Joe Average never had the opportunity to get within three feet of the vehicle much less own one. It (the Lean Machine) also leaned like the Venture One but was never put into production even when gas prices continued to rise. Today it seem rising gas prices are a weekly if not daily event. For the Venture One people working to put this vehicle on the road for all the rest of us... Three Cheers! Hip Hip Horay! Don't stop! Can't wait to see one for real and have the chance to own one.


If anyone is still interested in this vehicle,since this article is almost six months old now, You can know pre-register for a Venture One on their website. Just go to www.flytheroad.com and you will find the link to pre-register on their home page. I did the first day it popped up. I can't wait!

E Tiffany

The VentureOne is still under development.... You can't buy it, yet. But you can dream. Like me. A newer design update by the BMW designers group working on it... should be out within a month... or so.

Note that where, above, it states, "The VentureOne... has separate power to each of the rear wheels..." this is incorrect. A single motor is now being planned for... as the available in-wheel motors were not acceptable. Not up to par. BUT in-wheel motors will be being used when good ones become at-hand... or so the VentureOne peeps say.

Beyond doubt... this is going to be a high quality machine... and at a remarkably low cost. Preddy exciting new ride, eh? Whoo! 100 miles per gallon at a 100 miles per hour... bring it on!

The Dutch-made, non-hybrid, and non-all-electric, Carver trike which uses the same, now fully developed, automatic tilting mechanism as the VentureOne will be using costs more than twice as much... and is much less cooler... overall.

Still... 20k, of course, is a lotta money... but if you buy a new GoldWing or Harley.... and convert it to a trike using an available quality trike-conversion kit... you're looking at some really big bucks being spent... and you won't end up with even half as good a machine as the planned-for VentureOne. Also... even the existing and readily available way-cool and extra high-tech TrikeTec trike made in Germany costs more than twice as much... and there is no weather protection at all... not even a fairing.

E Tiffany

This is a new site... the dates are more than six months off.

MS.Sarah J.Querry


robert allen mazur

I'm 70,& live on S.S. I don't need a 200hp engine to go to Bingo, or Bridge, or to get my scripts, or groceries! Please give me a mode of transportation for us old folks! I think that all Senior Citizens could afford $5000. from their S.S. check to buy this new form of transportation!

robert allen mazur

I'm 70,& live on S.S. I don't need a 200hp engine to go to Bingo, or Bridge, or to get my scripts, or groceries! Please give me a mode of transportation for us old folks! I think that all Senior Citizens could afford $5000. from their S.S. check to buy this new form of transportation!

Bucket Trucks

Wow This is a unique looking Bike

Miami Air Conditioning

wow amazing design.
amazing idea too, is so amazing to hve this car, is cute looks like a hotwheels but in real life, and the best of all is that is hybrid


It's 2011, where is it?!

albert perrault

i wont more info and where to get one and to be a dealer

Chevy HHR cold air intake

Ever since I was a child I wondered if these cars would exist in reality sooner in my generation. It did! And it looks fantastic. Not only that, my hopes deserved a lot better because this is Eco-friendly, too.

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