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February 06, 2007



I don't think the issue is acknowledging climate change... it's about determining our effect on it.

Is that what you meant?

Paul Dietz

C K: he meant anthropogenic climate change. Clinging to the notion that the CO2 and other greenhouse gases that humans are releasing is not causing the current warming is becoming increasingly kooky and irrational.

Janis Mara

I loved the headline, "Let there be dark." Let a thousand compact flourescents bloom!


Do we know if Global cooling is desirable or even maintaining Global temp is for the best? (if that were possible)

Storms, growing seasons and food supply, sea levels and every other affect of global temperature adjustment involves much speculation.

Scientists are wrong a lot about how things will go in the future.

For all we know a warmer earth will be better in the overall scheme of things.

But we don't know. That is the point.


rick wrote: For all we know a warmer earth will be better in the overall scheme of things.

But we don't know. That is the point.

So are you suggesting we run the experiment and find out?


I guess the experiment is on.

I look at it this way. Imagine an ice free world where Antartica is populated and producing crops etc. Imagine that place starts to experience a drop in green house gasses(maybe everybody uses solar power or something), a cooling trend is the result and scientist warn of poles freezing over. People freezing to death, animal extinctions etc.

I'm not convinced frozen poles are a good thing. I think the planet may be too cold.


The likelihood is that the net change in land area in a world where Antarctica is ice free will be negative--we'd lose more acreage from sea level rise than we'd gain in Antarctica and Greenland. What's more, this new land would be marginally productive at best, with strange growing seasons affected by very dark winters and barren, rocky soil lacking in organic material. The lost land in Florida, Asia and elsewhere, however, is incredibly productive.

I say we try to restore things close to the status quo ante; if we need to warm up the planet sometime in the future (after some cosmological disaster) we now know how.

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