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February 06, 2007



It would be nice if they allocated at least 5 million for Focus fusion research. That amount of money is a drop in the bucket compared to everything else. The potential payoff (energy, propulsion, defense) could be enormous. Personally, I'd scrap the Hydrogen initiative and fund research into focus fusion, electric/Plugin hybrids, and quantum dot spinoffs.


More money should be allocated to battery research. Hydrogen is a dead end, and used as a crutch for non-action.

Greg Woulf

I think solar is self-sustaining now so the government doesn't have to support them as much.

I would like to see more research into Battery development, reasonable biofuels(algae and not corn), and I'd like to see a federal initiative to build some very few and modern nuclear plants as test beds.

I wouldn't go the way of France and build for 80% of the country's needs from nuclear, but I would build some.

Wind Lover

It should be the goal of the government to make coal, gas and oil factories uneconomical to build so that we have no new installations. All subsidies to these industries should be phased out over 5 years and the money shifted towards wind and solar. This is national security imperative as well as a human species security problem.

Problem is that the Republicans and a few Democrats are suckling off the teet of big fossil.


Yes yes... more battery funding. The gov't should consider extending the ZEV credits another 5-10 years. With the credits due to expire soon and the battery technology is just starting to get ramped up... an extension should be a bare minimum in addition to direct funding. Bringing down the cost of batteries should be priority one since it shows the most potential in the least amount of time.



Under Solar America Initiative, I think you mean to say that the goal is to make solar energy competitive with fossil fuels by 2015. As for the solar energy budget request, I'm a bit disappointed that it isn't larger than the FY2007 request. Glad to see a couple million allocated for solar heating and lighting, though.

As for the comment that fossil fuel industries should be made uncompetitive by phasing out their subsidies, I don't think that will work. Their subsidies are large compared to those for renewables, but those industries are so large that the subsidies don't really add more than a couple percent to the cost of fossil-based energy sources. Shifting that money over to renewables would make a huge difference in their budgets, though....

karl (fuel cells use methane, not just hydrogen

I wonder if the end of life use of fallow fields to power steam turbines instead of the fuel cells that could be afforded in the short term even with the capital missdirected at a wind farm component could afford? Or even more fairly if handed across there viability term at the optimal time to fuel cells as fallow they are and maybe they should be corked till what's left can best be savored.

karl (throwing money at research is a misguided executive role)

It's structural change that lawmakers can impose without mandating anyones funds be spent. Want more spent on solar? Let people borrow undischargably to afford silicon instead of tar the next time there roof springs a leak, and see what the market does, see all the hot tar fumes no longer an issue next door, in front of you on the street, but rather just lower cooling bills for the free shade instead of sweating underpaids setting down a layer like the goal is to make everyone else pay more or stockpile petrol on the roof for the day when one sits whiling the winter away in the back yard ax in hand to chop up the house to feed the bonfire a few more days.

Instead we tax dog food to widen roads that are stop and go even more so for the favor.

Energy doesn't need any research funding. It needs regulation!

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You can discover what Steven Carew "has got" by visiting wholesale the website for Rhino Hydro. There are a few "update" items there, dated 2004.

But, the essence of Steve's invention is described under the "technical" menu selection, as follows:

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Get the picture, Jason? Hard to imagine Steve can't get funding . . .2945abc45 0422

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