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February 20, 2007


The Anonymous Poster

$100k for the roadster and $50k-ish for the sedan. Maybe car three will hit $30k so us mere mortals can buy one?


That's the plan. Can you wait until 2011?



Donate some free ones to Imus' ranch Tesla. Valuable publicity and the tie in with jobs for New Mexico.

GM donates vehicles to the ranch, big flex fuel guzzlers, to match Imus' energy hoggish, lavish private jet travel.

But if Imus has ANY trouble with you or the product? Look out!

The Anonymous Poster

I guess I can drive my 2k6 HCH2 for another 4 years.

Chad K

I can't believe I have to wait 'til 2009. But, what I'd really love to know is, how does this vehicle compare to something of similar value... say a BMW 5 series? If it performs anywhere near their Roadster, I'd considering it more in-line with an M5 than a regular 5 series.... which would make it one hell of a deal.

Kit P.

BEVs are elsewhere emission vehicles (EEV). If you live in a big dirty city, you may like the idea of shifting pollution to rural areas.


BEVs are elsewhere emission vehicles (EEV). If you live in a big dirty city, you may like the idea of shifting pollution to rural areas.

Well duh, but the amount of emission varies with the power source, and can be essentially zero(PV, nuke, hydro, geo, wind...) Given our present mix of electric generation, BEVs emit less CO2 than ICEs. Further, cars are usually operated in close proximity to people, so there is value in moving their emissions elsewhere. Maybe not to the person who lives downwind of a coal plant, but I am talking of the greater good. BTW, I live downwind of a lot of coal plants.

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Some of these orders are for the Signature Series Model S. These reservations require a $40,000 deposit and previous Tesla Roadster owners were offered an opportunity to reserve these even before the March 26, 2009 reveal. It is unclear exactly what features will be offered on the limited edition Signature Series (2000 units maximum).

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