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February 22, 2007


brian hans

Im not sure that picture is 'above' water. see the 'fish' swimming above the machines?

I get very excited about ocean power. Ocean power has a HUGE amount of untapped energy. This idea seems like a winner to me. Out of sight, out of mind.

Mit Sprinter

Is that $4,000,000,000 then? It seems like very large number.

Dan Thorne

that's actually should be 2.128 million pounds or $4,150,000 US dollars

Jim from The Energy Blog

Sorry about the mixup on the amounts, I corrected them.

I thought the fish was a bird.


The underwater feature is excellent, no NIMBYism.

I'm wondering if the Norwegian floating wind design could be fitted with one of these around it's base? I think so.

By combining wind and wave more power much more energy could be produced and it would be steadier. The wind can drop off, but waves keep on going.


Very very kewl stuff here. I can remember a small comment I posted a lil while back about utilizing the flow of currents. These generators would be perfect for our area and areas around the Chesapeake Bay. Some areas that would benefit would be the Hampton Roads Area (my area =), possibly the Northern Viginia area, Washington DC, and some parts of North Carolina. Not to forget these generators will be powering military facilities around the mid-Atlantic region which has the highest concentrations of military bases in the country which would include the Norfolk Naval Base, largest naval facility in the world.


Yep jimmi all the way down all the major river systems too. But you need a device that doesn't interfere with navigation or wildlife and fish.

Rotors are too intrusive, a better technology is available I think.


Well, going back to my earlier comment, stick these generators on existing bridges and tunnels. Remember me saying something about the Chesepeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. That's about a 20 mile long structure. How many generators can you stick to the support-strucures? With an average of about 70-100 pile-ons per mile (not to forget the CBBT is being expanded to twice it's car volume capacity), I hate to do math but that's alot of generators... that's alot of energy. I would expect these generators would produce more than the Hoover Dam System because they will be generating power 24/7/365!!! Hoover Dam, on an average year, will produce about 4,000,000,000 kwh. I'm really curious to see projections on these wave generators in our area.


Hmmmm... thining about it more... wouldn't it be possible to stick these things on ANY water bridge in the country, being it has the correct volume flow of water. Is my mind just racing and reaching or can this be something very disruptive??? Well heck... every bridge in the world. Somebody prove me wrong and bring me back to Earth please!!!


NVM... I'm back on Earth. These horizontal generators will only work with waves. Which would actually still be good for our area and other coastal regions.

Would be nice to utilize hydro-electric more. I still feel we need to rethink hydro. There's alot of untapped energy in those river systems. It's even in Bush's initiative to try to expand on current hydro-electric plants. Which brings me back to my idea of adding penstocks to the Hoover and other dam systems.


Jimmi, up here in Canada, run of river (penstock) hydro is actually encouraged by the government, by the aboriginals, etc. (and except for kayakers and left wing Nimbyists). However I understand run of river is dead in the US. What gives? Why is it so environmentally taboo to construct a ROR in places like Idaho and Colorado?


Your guess is as good as mine.

But if I had to guess... environmentalists. Sometimes all you have to do to kill a project is to delay it a few years for a study to be done on the local habitat. You know the saying... time is money!!! And if there is an endangered species in the area... all bets are off.

The idea of adding additional penstocks to exsisting dam structures should bypass all the "red-tape". Hmmmm... doesn't Cali use up like 35% of the Hoover Dam's electricity output. If people were smart... they would invest into making them penstocks giving Cali the additional power to prevent them blackouts during the hot summers. Lord knows what will happen once all these EVs start plugging into the grid in a few years(Telsa and Phoenix are based in Cali). Expanding the Hoover Dam system is almost an imperitive!!!


Nope, not gonna happen. Either find an eco-friendly technology or forget more hydro from rivers.

Even more NIMBYism that wind or nukes.

I got the technology.


I sure like these AWS devices for Lake superior, They are underwater so no nIMBYism. Have to wait for actual performance figures, but 3 million kwh per unit is awesome!


You gotta elaborate a lil more DocX, well as far as adding additional generators to an existing dam. How can somebody not see the net gain with so little additional environmental impact???

Let's say you add 2 penstocks to the Hoover Dam. Are you flooding another valley??? Are you causing an impact on the local environment (well that hasn't already existed)??? Is the local wild life in more danger??? NIMBYISM is a non factor regarding the Hoover. If you say NO to the 3 questions... what's the hold up??? I know I know... politics!!! So sad... once again DocX... you made me feel like immigrating to Canada.

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By combining wind and wave more power much more energy could be produced and it would be steadier. The wind can drop off, but waves keep on going.

Dentist Los Angeles

Wave farm sounds like a great idea, but I am wondering how it is effecting the ocean's habitat?

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