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February 16, 2007



wow sure seems great... more info though?? Can't really tell much from this article.

Robert McLeod

The main issue I found in looking at Jetropha is that it's really a woody shrub that defies mechanical harvesting. It works for India because labour is dirt cheap, just like sugarcane ethanol works for Brazil.


Why mess with this weed when algae is probably 1000 times more productive? JohnBo


One fifth the carbon emission of fossil fuels? On a per joule basis? What, pray tell, is the chemistry behind this?


The weakness in the argument is "Scientists estimate that if even a quarter of the continent's arable land were" - which applies to any agricultural crop - cotton, maize, sorghum, millet, peanuts (now there's a thought in Africa), macadamia, coffee (Kenya !)

When Sudan was a Brit Protectorate the Swiss rented huge areas and grew irrigated cotton which was a beautiful, silky long staple that competed with the Sea Island Cottons of Carolina. The Brits said they couldn't buy land, so when the Brits left and everything went pear shaped the Swiss simply pulled out and went back to making cuckoo clocks, whatever. The rest is, as they say, history.

The agricultural potential of the African continent is phenomenal, the Sudan now simply ships oil(to China), and the economy grew by 7% in 2005 (if you believe the UN figures), they are building a huge dam (Merowe High Dam) to produce double current annual production 1,250 MW

The Dam building is being led by the Chinese CCMD but Western companies are also involved in the project: Lahmeyer International of Germany manages the project design and consultation; Alstom of France is supplying electro-mechanical equipment; and ABB of Switzerland is building transmission substations.

The project due for completion in '08 also includes an irrigation network, of 400 sq. km of barren desert which they hope to change to a green oasis of fertile farm lands.

The resultant lake has the potential to increase fishing and protein production.

So even though the Chinese are digging up Africa and shipping it home, they are implementing some changes - and getting on with it.


More fuel farming? when we are so close to mass production of serial plugin hybrids?

Seems like a foolish investment. Poor farmers will be destroyed by this scheme. Reducing the food supply in famine stricken regions.

With serial plugin hybrids reducing fuel consumption prices will drop for liquid fuels. Disaster for fuel farmers.


I dont think it would compete with food crops in that it is a plant well suited to growing in poor soils.This could provide poor farmers with a cash crop.Co ops could coordinate the growers as many small farmers have benefited from the ethanol expansion in U.S.Perhaps the aid that is perpetually wasted in Africa could go towards building a useful farm/fuel business that could give people a way of life once again.

Janis Mara

The heck with Jetropha, bring on the kudzu! If you're looking for a nearly inexhaustible resource for fuel farming, this has to be the best best, yes?

Tia Newton


Go to www.freedomfuels.info to obtain your FREE DOWNLOAD
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Jatropha Curcas Biodiesel

Alternative fuel source for the fossil fuel by making use of the oil extracted from jatropha curcas seeds, which is then converted into biodiesel for industrial and automotive uses.

Nilesh N. Patel

please I want to information for plantaion and total information and its market and procedure and i need full information on jetropha - bio-diesel.


We are interested in the planting and cultivation of jatropha.

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i'm sorry what is biofuel??

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Biofuel is defined as solid, liquid or gaseous fuel obtained from relatively recently lifeless or living biological material and is different from fossil fuels, which are derived from long dead biological material. Also, various plants and plant-derived materials are used for biofuel manufacturing.

you can always read a bit more!! ;)


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Use biofuels is a big deal to protect the planet.

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It is intersting to see how things change quickly. I think we aren't far away from finding something more sustainable.

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If Jetropha is very abundant in Europe, then it is the answer!

Ben Cliff

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If this is a native plant to Africa I hope that the productions of the plant can help some of the countries economies.

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