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February 14, 2007



Hmmm. Could it be time to dump my 1995 Tbird with its 4.6L V8? Or wait for the plugin? Wait, they don't even sell the Altima in my state. What's up with that? Is Nissan losing money on these?


George - They were designed to take a loss, to "test the waters". Right now, it's the best bet on the road if you want a Hybrid, and they're getting great reviews.

Read up more at www.HybridAltima.com!

John D.

When are carmakers going to get serious about gas milage? My non-hybrid Honda Civic gets 38MPG. I'd like to see a comfortable car that gets 100 to 150MPG, even if I have to plug it in at night.



You'll get that soon John.

Plugins are coming. If these cars have even a 20 mile plugin range they will average well over 100 mpg. What I want though is a mass produced, inexpensive conversion kit that installs in a high mileage front wheel drive four cylinder car.

An electric motor and adaptor, quick charge li-ion battety pack good for a 25 mile range on electric power alone, and a backup generator that runs on multiple fuels.

A 5000 dollar conversion kit on a used car (with a bad internal combustion engine)I can buy for around 1000 dollars. Now that would really rock!


I'm real curious to see either A123's or Altair's HEV/PHEV batteries now. Would be nice to get some stats on nano li-ion designs in the hybrid market.

Has anyone found anything regarding the Altair/Alcoa deal??? It kinda sucks that they would set up a booth at the hybrid symposium but not release any news prior to that... or even news after the fact.

Stat for stat... I must ask this question... Which battery is better, M1 or NanoSafe???


It's hard to get good data Jimmi.

Is it due to financial regulations for publicly traded companies, industrial secrecy, or a coverup? Not sure.

NREL ought to test all the batteries and proclaim the winners as they have done with solar PV and concentrators. But their funds have been mostly curtailed by the oil friendly administration.

Just like the government held the jeep contest in the buildup to WW2. We are in a fight against global climate disaster at least as serious as WW2 was.


Electric would be quicker for everyone to have one in their garage. I admit that. However, electric powered cars bring problems of their own to the table. What happens when these cars get old, and the batteries are sitting around in junkyards...err uhh...excuse me..."Auto Dismantlers" locations, and are corroding?

I want a car that can go further than the city limits where I live. I know the problems with using Hydrogen. It is not naturally produced on earth. It takes energy to isolate it. Well, so is electricity. Don't give up yet on Hydrogen. It's going to take some time, but I have faith that it's going to be the fuel of the future. For homes and autos. It's only been 104 years since man has first flown!

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My hope is that as the developers keep producing hybrids and improving them that they keep improving gas mileage in newer models.

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