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February 26, 2007



Yep, bought a corn burner to save money? Forget it.

Fuel farming will never bring the cost per driving mile to financially beleaguered families down. Only plugin cars can do that.

And only plugin cars can help stop global climate change. Fuel farming only destroys the land that could sequester carbon.


I'm actually interested in whether or not the higher price for corn due to ethanol saves consumers and the government money due to reduced subsidy costs. We spend billions of dollars per year subsidizing agricultural products, and then spend even more money to store or throw away the surplus.

Kit P.

Aaron, I heard on NPR that American farmers will not be getting any corn subsidies because the price is above the limit. Furthermore, the savings for the government is greater that the PTC for ethanol. We will be hearing more about this and it will be interesting to see if farmers plant more corn without damaging the environment.

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Brazil is the world’s biggest producer of ethanol, and its industry will be unaffected by high grain prices because its producers use sugar cane rather than wheat.

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another 10-year high for the second successive day when it touched $4.31 a bushel, up five cents on the day.

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Converting sugar to ethanol is more efficient than using wheat, and Brazilian companies are widely acknowledged to be the world leaders in

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