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February 25, 2007



Interesting. I am exporting briquettes made from coconuts, also 100% natural product. The sad thing is that due to the infrastructure of the land I live in, it is expensive to transport higher quantities to harbors. Reason is that these products are high in demand by Europen Power Stations that are facing incresing difficulties getting adequate supplies. I will direct them to this website.

Rob Thurnham

It would be great to get rid of those huge gas tanks out of cars etc, if they have to be put in the trunk /boot of the car they take up to much room.
Rob beat maker Thurnham


I went to this company and most of the staff are great guys and understand the business well. fuel storage tanks

Afzal Bhesania

is this technology commercially available now ?

Afzal Bhesania
Karachi. Pakistan

vanessa alves

I like this post,thanks i've already subscribed to your feed

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This one is really great. A kind of this thing will really be a big help for us to make our life much easier and convenient.

Ogungbemi Tope

good job guys, gonna give conventional gases good run for their money!

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