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February 21, 2007


Kit P.

The headline is very misleading because the report was never meant to be an aggressive plan. If you already know that the potential for renewable energy is enormous, do not bother reading this. If you were looking for some sort of performance figures to indicate the potential for actually reducing the ghg, do not bother reading this report.

Brian Wang

This is not a plan. It is a pdf version of some back of the napkin scribbling about potential.

For it to be more like a plan, you would cost and detail how the land rights would be obtained for the big fields of solar and wind. Plus some of the logistical aspects of getting things built. You would look at getting some companies that could actually build some of the pieces to get behind it, by saying what they need to scale up. List out some proposed legislation to get it rolling. Legislation to support energy efficiency which is over half of the gains needs to be spelled out for the local building codes and other state and federal legislation. Start signing up some mayors, county supervisors etc... Start at eco-friendly places. Berkeley etc... How do you get political support and money for lobbying ? Who are the allies of this legislation who will pay to get legislation passed ? Map out the county by county, city by city, state by state plan to get the most important bits of this moving. (Note: this is another reason why if you are going to make an enemy of coal, that it is good to have Nuclear as a friend. with Nuclear as a friend you can get GE, Westinghouse and others behind you.)

Break things down for what happens this year, next year, first five years, first ten years. Layout some targets and costs.

Prioritize some things. Where are the low hanging fruit? Where are the biggest bangs to start off with?

Replacing the new coal and gas construction would be nice, but can you get at the old coal plants with grandfathered rights to be 100 times more polluting.

Cars. 15 million new cars and trucks in the US. A few hundred thousand hybrids. About 300 million cars and trucks old cars and trucks on the streets of the US now.

Kit P.

Good job Brian. BTW, I have a plan similar to those used for fossil fuel. It is amazing that renewable energy advocates have not figured out that utilities will not need to build coal plants if someone builds renewable energy to meet the need.

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