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February 06, 2007



Add a small IC (30-40 HP) coupled to a generator, and you would have most likely 600 miles range, when needed. For most days, no gas would be required. Could't GM use this system in the Volt?


This alliance opens the door of Agricultural machinery and Military applications to UQM and Alti as an integrated package. EEEI and Alti alliance does same for powertools and military clients such as In-Q-Tel.imo

Greg Woulf

I think this is the real deal and here's why:

In a fleet configuration the rapid charging station is common.

Fleet vehicles run a lot of miles giving time for the savings over gas to add up.

Fleet vehicles typically don't travel 100's of miles and return to the central hub regularly.

Businesses can afford the up front cost if they will recoup the cost in a reasonable amount of time.

100,000 miles a year is common for fleet vehicles compared to the 15,000 for commuters. Even at 50MPG that's $6,000 a year that would be cut in half.

The maintenance on a fleet vehicle averages somewhere close to $1,000 a year and that would be cut by more than half.

They're lining up preferred vendors and buying into the technology that will allow them to grow.

They hit on the perfect application for their battery and I'm glad they seem dedicated to electric cars.



A few of us here really believe that this is the route Phoenix/Altair/UQM should take. More specifically a flex-fuel generator would be ideal. But this might make the 10 minute quick recharge time irrelavant, as far as the near future. Ofcoarse it will be cheaper to recharge at a quick charge station but an infrastructure would have to be built. A flex-fuel micro generator would (hopefully) cut our oil dependancy and promote other forms of fuel such as bio-diesel, ethanol (if you wanna go that route), natural gas so forth and so on, which would promote energy independence. The agreement with Altair/Phoenix is only for EVs so let's hope a nice battery from Altair/Alcoa will come soon. BTW... is there anyone here that lives in the San Diego area with a pass to get into the Hybrid Vehicle Technologies Symposium??? The reason that I ask is because there will be an Altair/Alcoa booth set up there. The event is on Feb 7-8 and is sold out. Would be nice to get some intel on what's happening with Altair/Alcoa.

Once again Evyr I do appologize for the mistakes I made in the other post. Please read my comment in the Zap-X post and accept my appologies.

I'm glad there is somebody out there other than me that likes to write about EEEI and Altair. Reading about the bi-polar battery w/wafer cell construction makes me feel that Altair has the potential to really open up the revenue streams. Currently the bi-polar design is only being applied to EEEI's NiMH, NiCad, and super NiCad batteries. I've been waiting sometime now for news on this and Evyr... you might be right... it may just be kept a secret since In-Q-Tel is involved. Hopefully they will make public statements concerning power tools. It seems Altair has no problem taking on all competition... including A123.


Why does it have to be a SUT though? Maybe it's just me but I'd prefer a sedan.

Greg Woulf

I think the SUT is best suited to Fleet use. I know that there are a half dozen pest control businesses that use trucks that almost look identical to these.

I think fleet makes the most sense for a starting spot for practical use of electrics. The high mileage, but short range of most fleet vehicles is a perfect combo for saving money in small to large businesses.

I don't think it's possible for them to produce the number of cars they could sell this year to the general public. Fleet vehicles give them central charging, easy fleet maintenance and publicity for the buyer and Phoenix through everyday use.

Russell Wertz

Does anybody have any idea why Altair stock took a 10% hit on Friday? I can't find any news. Could it be connected to events at the Hybrid Vehicles Technologies Symposium on Feb 7-8? Thanks for any help.


Actually it was about 7% and could have just been profit taking and short calls. From my perspective the only news that justified the recent surge was the UQM news. Although it being good news in general... it still was speculative news... no revenue esitimate adjustments were needed. The price was over inflated around $3.20... IMOP.

I would almost expect any news from Alcoa/Altair would be good news, but that's just me.

shawn adkins

How much? If it was $50 000.00AD I would buy one tomorrow.
What car is it based on? 135 mile range 10 min charge why would you need any more.Is there an electric car with 100 mile range for sale now? How much?

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