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January 19, 2007


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Each of cross-thread in the canvas mesh is a stitch and so each cross-thread must be designated a specific color. This is so that the guess-work.

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The south facade’s low-E-glass, double-layer curtain-wall system reduces heat gain, which leads to less demand on the HVAC systems.

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Oh my! Just fabulous! Your authorship style is admirable and the way you managed the subject with grace is applaudable.Since i am intrigued, I take for granted you are an master on this subject. I am signing up for your incoming updates from now on.

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Sun Energy, it is the future!

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I have seen the buildings designed by SOM and can say that they are gorgeous.

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It's a good thing that skyscrapers are also turning to green technologies. There can be no better thing to do than light up the whole building using environment-friendly energy. And since it stands tall, the architecture here should also be given a thumbs-up!

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Love this iconic building i hope that i will seen in future...

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That just looks cool! The Chinese come up with amazing stuff!

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I'd really like to visit this place and see it for myself. totally fascinating!

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It'd be nice if we could start building stuff like this in the US, if they can make it in China why can't we make these here?

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China is one of the few Asian countries I have yet to visit, I will make sure to check this building out when I make it there during my travels.

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I think that's one of the most visually interesting buildings I've ever seen, it's beautiful, at night or in the day!

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I like this skyscraper concepts and i hope in future most of the cities can start this type of awesome skyscraper..

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From now , i'll be the regular visitor of your web. Thanks , great info.

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Brilliant post, buildings are such amazing.

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Wow such a wonderful design this is really very inspiring one .I pay heartily tribute for the designers of this awesome building ....

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