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January 30, 2007


PO'd Patriot

I agree... Seems too good to be true.

Best thing to do in a situation like this...

Visit the company!


Indeed, it does sound too good to be true...but research on them seems credible. What really caught my attention was that their fuel could be mixed 50/50 for use in gasoline engines. Very interesting. I've never heard of this before. Imagine a single fuel that powers both diesel and gas engines. If the other half of the 50/50 is ethanol, then we have a winner for gas replacement. And it looks to be a more viable solution in terms of cost and readiness than Butanol/Biobutanol.


Gee I feel so bad for OPEC. What are they going to do when all these coon a--es start making cheap fuel? JohnBo


Why use soy as the input if manure or wood waste wood suffice? Doesn't make much sense.

Soy or corn cannot supply enough fuel to replace oil. It's another dead end fuel farming scheme unless it works on waste products. Even then it would be a marginal source.

Richard Wilson

I'd like to see what they can do with algae.


Um, 6$/bushel, 5 gallons per bushel, 1.2$ raw material cost alone; claimed cost of less than 1$, what am I missing?


WW--- maybe they included the income of the by-product in the cost of the biofuel?

Thomas Marihart

If it runs on cow POOP, it's worth a look.


Manure and other waste to biogas then the cO2 captured by algae growing solar collectors. All fuels used in solid oxide fuel cell/turbines and serial plugin hybrid drivetrains for transportation energy.

With biodiesel from the algae serving as the liquid fuel for the fuel cell backup in the serial plugin hybrids.

That beats this agribizz chemical fuel farm soy/corn process. Which does not even come close to being able to power ICE transportation as it exists today.

Unless some kind of reason is introduced into the choices made, lobbying cash will make the decisions. And we see where that has got us.

Drought, fires, ice storms, increased storm intensity, insect infestations spreading,rising ocean levels from melting ice caps, oil wars, wars over nuclear proliferation, and on and on. We are going to have to demand some common sense from government and industry.

It's a matter of survival. With the present level of compentence in decision making on the part of our leadership, disaster is assured.

No Mercedes

Does this kind of farming deplete the soil in time?


Manure may have to be pre-dried before it can be used. Wood generally has to be chipped very fine before it can be used in a pyrolytic process (which costs a lot of electricity).
It's interesting, but I'd like to actually see a car drive on that stuff before believing they are as far as they claim.

C. Scott Miller

These pronouncements dare credibility.

Between the "simplified 'Rivera' process" diagram and the photo of the reedy thin "high temperature tube" I have to wonder where the heat comes from, what mechanism moves the biomass forward, and where the actual biologic conversion takes place? Certainly not from the vacuum chamber. I'd be interested in the "due dilligence" reports.

And are the fuels really marketable? They have to meet some pretty stiff emissions standards to be permitted for distribution.


These processes are exciting. Soya fixes nitrogen so it can be rotated with corn. Hopefully they will adapt to using biomass from landfills soon.


Hi Jim,

Much thanks for your work.
I forward all relevant info to my daughter.
She is a materials scientist/ceramic engineer who owns her own shop at RPI commercial park in Troy NY: CERALINK

She was just awarded a 350K DOE grant contract for inventions and ideas for saving energy. She has also gotten NYSERDA contracts as well as research job shop work from companies like GE, Englehardt (BASF now), Omnisource and others---see her website.

PPG was supposed to work on this with her but because of internal company problems they have pulled out. They say they are still want to explore the technology. So she is looking at another major international company who seems interested.

From time to time, we put out press releases with real information----not puffery. I would like to send an occasional one to you for the web-site.

This last one is about combining microwave energy with traditional sources (electric, gas} with great savings for many sintering processes...neat stuff.

brian hans

This company puts out a mightly lot of PR. but when you start to add up their numbers, things start to break down. the cost of feedstock, the weight of feedstock, they get roughly 130% more BTU's than started + the energy cost of (20 lbs out of 60 lbs of soy???) carbon based fertilizer and their 'biogas', their material balance is off, their carbon material balance is stunningly far off, their energy balance is off and last but not least, they claim to get energy out of water.

it seems that these people are either an elaborate hoax or they have a fusion reactor in their factory. by the way...if they have a fusion reactor, why use soy? id start with water and dirt...they are cheaper way cheaper than soy.

im slightly disappointed that the author didnt try and dive into their numbers more. I think Jim added a valuable postscript.


This company is an obvious scam. Pitiful.

They don't even deserve a second look.

J.C., Sr.

In small print. Adding a proprietary catalyist. Could that be Coca Cola. Wow. What an investment that would be.

J.C., Sr.

In small print. Adding a proprietary catalyist. Could that be Coca Cola. Wow. What an investment that would be.


Guy's.. please read my new comment in the "Zap" post... something very special just happened!!! I appologize for repeating this comment on the latest posts but I really think this is some very important news!!!


barry ford

This company is a scam. There is NO WAY their claims can be true. This will go down in history with the other big scams like the "200 mpg carburetor" "the car that runs on water" "bigfoot" and thousands of perpetual motion machines.

Simple energy balance analysis will show that they claim to get out more BTUs than exist in the feedstock. Can't be done! End of story. There are other clues, but none more obvious tham the "over unity" fraud.

It's a pump-and-dump scam!

Ron Adamowicz

USSE is on the level! You must contact JR or visit the company before you can call them a fraud! Their new reactor is one of a kind with 30 years of knowledge behind it!
Your numbers are incorrect because there is a difference between wet and dry soybeans!
Look at the companies leaders! Top shelf!

barry ford

Find anyone who has gotten better than a "C" grade in both a college-level organic chemistry course and physics, and they will tell you - this is a scam.

I have a Masters in Biochemistry and have worked for years in research related to catalytic reactions and I can tell you this company is making claims that are false.


Scientific analysis of properties and qualities of the liquid biofuel USSEC produces.



secrets but truthful secrets? thats what makes this stock different from ALL the rest. usually a penny stock hides behind a mask a false claims etc, and in they end they are just that! but something big is going on here. this is the big shift in focus from oil, they have the solution or they are a complete total scam. If so, how dare they show their faces to the world and hide behind claims they can't back up. Then again, I saw it before my eyes, but what do I know? I see the company is 110% real, and they have been playing with this process for over 17 years, refining it daily. Now many think they come out of no where, just boom they're making claims since a few months ago, but thats really not true. So, take my random post on a random website as you will, but this is like nothing I have seen before. I really can't wait to see how this pans out! I'm waiting for a higher price per share to really dive in. The market for this is way into the billions so still huge room to grow if USSEC does what I saw happen.


I figured this was a fraud about 1/4 through the video, laughed the other 3/4.

What a pony show! Always a few who are willing to throw money away.

Sombody making millions! Not the ones who bought this stock! HA


I've been had! This rat paid me in restricted stock, now it is almost worthless! I'm going back down on the 24th and he better have some good answers. I can't sell these shares for 18 months if they are even tradable then. This whole thing stinks.
I think my friend Ron A. from CT might have something to say to him too, he lost a bunch on this stock.


FYI, that comment above by 'Zardiw' is bogus. I am the real zardiw, and did not write it. I wish people would stop taking my name in vain...........lol..........z

Ron Adamowicz

I am Ronald Adamowicz 860-301-6813. Seems like these pesty little bashers have been using my name around the boards to bash USSE.
I have investigated USSE/SSTP and after many hours of research, I am fully supporting JR and his process, no company on the market can match what they produce. USSE/SSTP has the answer for America!


I have now found evidence that USSEC has a process that works! They have shown me the process and all the products. I will now ask for forgiveness. I am buying 200,000 shares with my Dads money. I will represent USSE/SSTP in my next AA meeting.

Paper Prophet


The previous poster has falsely posted under my name. Although I have started to consider that USSE's claims have some merit, I have NOT bought any shares in the company, although if the price drops to an attractive level, I will consider doing so.

Yogesh Goradia

I saw the demo video and also read their literature. The comments from the viewers/readers seem to be extreme at both ends. I believe the process is worth looking at even though the claims seem to be far out. I don't know of any 'proprietary' catalyst that can speed up a reaction from 24 hours to 8 minutes! However, I will keep an open mind on the subject and give this company the benefit of doubt.

Mr. Joel Maki

It does not matter whether you believe or not. The company is now selling product to George E. Warren out of Florida who will add it to reg. petroleum at a 4% mix to meet new mandates....

Vice president of Amspecc LC just joined the board of directors.....

They have successfully tested algae mixed with spoiled soybeans and other mixes including sawdust and woodchips.....

Bio jetfuel is REAL possibility, waiting on test results from four independent labs plus amspec has tested it.

Cornell University has reported on it

Alcorn State University

So on and so on.

Got my shares, and dont care if you dont.


has anyone got any info on dyai or icad tks

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