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January 18, 2007



I'm a big fan of Tesla and hope they manage to deliver on their goals. I could be a customer of their planned 3rd model ($30k target price range). My fallback plan is to be in line for a Chevy Volt if GM brings it to market

PO'd Patriot

They need to included an on-board generator like the Chevy VOLT.

The advantages are obvious.

Besides which, Chevy or Ford might buy them out.

Stephen Boulet

Let's not underestimate the difficulty of safety rating a car. Tesla hasn't actually delivered a single vehicle to a customer yet (as far as I know) which points to the high cost barrier for a new manufacturer.

But, all the new Asian manufacturers have done it, so hopefully the qualification work can be done soon.

Greg Woulf

That's true Stephen, but Tesla has already done their safety testing. They have a blog on it on their web site that's very informative on the whole process.

I had no idea just how much and stringent the testing process was.

I think they're smart people at Tesla, and I'm pretty sure they're on top of the whole generator issue. I doubt they'll stubbornly ignore new battery tech or the possibility of adding a generator.

This is purely opinion, but I imagine that they're shooting for the stars by trying for pure electric, but with back up plans just in case new tech comes out.


The Chevy Volt is just an attempt by GM to get some attention. The EV-1 was a better technology usage then the Volt. The thing that really annoys me about the Volt is its actually how all ICE engines should be used. Every GM car across there line should have a drivetrain like this. THEY HAVE ALWAYS HAD THE TECHNOLOGY TO DO THIS! But finally now they want to do it.

It is a shame that they are just now releasing a concept for it. I give GM no credit. This is what the chevy cavalier should have been back in 2000.

Steve Funk

I've been wondering why GM can't use the same battery that Tesla is using instead of inventing something new?


Funny how the Volt engineers stated that the battery technology to support their design is "just not out there". To add to that why a roll-out of 2010-2012?

Are the people at GM so self involved that they can't read simple claims of new technology? Naw... they can't be that ignorant. I'm pretty sure A123 will have exactly what they need. It's just a matter of time. If that fails they can still deal with Altair cause the Phoenix agreement is just for EV class... not hybrid. Or they can just buy Phoenix Motor Cars outright. Than there is the long shot, Eestor. Man that would be sweet if that came to pass.

Of coarse we are all waiting for the Alcoa/Altair battery for hybrid trucks. But I'm kinda confused about this battery. Technically can't they just use the NanoSafe battery as is? Putting the NanoSafe in a hybrid shouldn't infringe on the Phoenix agreement. Why build a different battery for a hybrid when you have a perfectly good battery for an EV? Can somebody please give me a possible scenerio where Altair needs a new design for a HEV? I'm at a total loss.

What Tesla needs to do is get up with the Altair/Electro Energy agreement. Can somebody breakdown the "High Density Bipolar Lithium Ion Battery w/ wafer cell construction" for me? If Eestor never happens... I have a funny feeling this battery design will lead the pack for high performance batteries.


If Eestore is real, then will all the battery companies fail? It's a possibility Jimmi.

And is that a reason or an excuse for the automakers not to commit to one technology and invest in it? NIMH is antiquated already, I wonder if they got their money back out of it?

That's where public research dollars come in, it is in our interest as citizens to keep these efforts going until clear winners emerge. But our government is mainly backing fuel farming and flex fuel vehicles. A complete waste of cash borrowed from china.

Remember, due to the incredible waste of oil wars and military industrial contractor projects like sattelite shooting lasers, tax dollars only pay the interest on the national debt now. never any of the principle. In fact we borrow more and more money as time goes by.


Oh these companies will fail if Eestor is the real deal. Unless they redirect their revenue streams back into RnD to compete with the latest technology, than you'll be looking at the shortest lived greatest advance in battery technology.

ZENN hopes to have the first units shpped by 2008. They have had some slight delays in the process but at the most you're looking at by 2009. Doesn't give Altair or A123 that much time to reinvent themselves. Looks like I need to do some redirecting of some funds myself. What started to look like a 5+ year investment is now just a 2+ year position. I'm just glad ZENN is a publically traded company also. Looks like I'll be outsourcing some of my US dollars to the Toronto Stock Exchange pretty soon. ZENN did a 12.5% spike on the Eestor news to $2.70 CAD. Investing in Canada also gives me a 17% discount.

I'll keep the polital stuff to a minimum. Sad to see our deficit go from a 4 year low of $220 billion to a projected $350+ billion next year and is scheduled to increase with the baby boomers retiring soon. Heck... Canada is sounding pretty good now. Growing economy... cleaner air... great health care system... higher taxes but guess where the USA is headed.


This is slightly off subject, but how do these batteries perform in winter weather.... not California or Arizonia but real Midwest winter. What made me think of it is when I leave my iPod outside in my car overnight (below 30F), it says "no charge" in the AM. Warm it up and the charge returns and it's juke box time.


The NanoSafe battery has been tested and can safely operate at -30 degrees C. The Eestor ultracaps say they can operate at -20 degrees C. So either technology will be good for you... even if you live in Northern Canada or Alaska.


Well, anybody would notice the elegance of the first electric car. What more for the second? It would surely make a big market as soon as there would be enough production for those who want to own one. Especially that the chassis would be made more lighter. Tesla Motors are doing great on their work, hopefully even more this year... When will there be a picture of the second electric car? Can't wait to see it here. It looks good with Volvo floor mats.


Harrison says, how do these batteries perform in winter weather? I'm glad you asked. Check this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5kkU23bfEc

tesla fan

cool car i like it

Nikola Tesla

Does it have a big coil?


Is Auto CAD 2007 out yet? I bet I could design a car that bad ass if it was!

Henry Rhodes

The Electric car is quite good and the speed and features are adequate and i hope people start using these car so as to save the environment

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