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January 13, 2007


greg woulf

Good for them!

I'm anxious to see how fast they can produce batteries and how much one will cost with no susidies.


I am anxious to know why GM doesn't read the Energy Blog. Seems they are out of touch with the latest technology.

Getting an EV to mass market before Toyota is critical for GM's future.


So almost 1/5 of the estimated amount has been fulfilled within the first 2 weeks of the year... =)

Don Quichotte

The CEO presents the Revolutionary car SUT/SUV with Nanosafe paradign shifting battery technology from Altair nanotechnology.This is the real Deal:


If Altairno's batteries are truly up to those specs, then what is all this crap from GM about the batteries not being ready to make the Volt or another PHEV ready for market? 130 mile range, 10 minute quick charge, and 12+ year lifespan. That should do the trick (and even allows GM to offer their standard 10 year, 150,000 mile warranty). Either Altairno is overreporting it's battery specs, GM is purposefully delaying release of a PHEV citing made up excuses, or GM is hopelessly out of touch with where battery technology is truly at.


GM is in agreement with A123 as of January 4, 2007 (you can go to the A123 site for verification if you want). The VOLT concept was announced a lil after the GM/A123 agreement... thus the design of the VOLT did not incorperate the battery designs of companies like A123 or AltairNano. But since there was an agreement... one can safely say that GM is in touch with battery technologies... maybe a lil too late but that's another debate.

As far as Altair over reporting their battery specs... I beg to differ. I'm not sure if you know the current developements of Altair/Phoenix Motor Cars... but to put it in a nutshell... Altair/Phoenix has put out a pure EV which production starts errrr basically now based on this article. You might also read the article that states Phoenix Motor Cars also ordered over $9 million worth of parts from UQM (they supply the electric motors and other electrical devices).

Hey Watthead... you might wanna check out the Altairnano, the Phoenix Motor Car, and the UQM websites. Not only are the specs on the NanoSafe battery for real... but you'll be able to buy one of these EVs later this year or early next. I suggest waiting until the SUV comes out so you can get the 70/kWH battery which will give you all the characteristics of the 35/kWH, with the exception of you'll be able to have a driving range of about 250 miles per charge.

Narconon Arrowhead

Oh my gosh that car is so cute. I am so going to buy one as soon as i get out of drug rehab.

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