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January 17, 2007


Buddy Ebsen

OK, I have some concerns with this press release. Since when is natural gas a 'renewable resource'?

And 'environmentally benign' - doesn't using natural gas in a fuel cell release CO2?

If you follow their links, they show several graphics which neglect to show any emissions as a result of reformation of natural gas.

I'm not saying its not clean, but let's tell it like it is please.


It is kind of foolish, why not heat the natural gas with stored solar or wind power? A heat pump run on renewable electricity would do the trick.

It is an improvement over the present approach, burning the natural gas to heat the pipeline gas.

Another idea in summer when air conditioning loads are high would be to use the cooling capacity of the expanding gas to cool water to use for air conditioning.

The part of this that is encouraging is that at least a fuel cell power system is being funded. It can prove the concept, then with a turbine to harvest waste heat could achieve the 75% efficiency in actual grid connection that has been obtained in experiments.

Once these power plants are the norm and in mass production every source of biogas; farm waste, manure, garbage, and sewage can become a backup power source for renewables.

And the cO2 can feed algae solar collectors that produce biofuels.


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