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January 29, 2007



Hey Jim...

I know that this car seems like a toy but this is something that I wrote a few posts ago...

"Don't forget Altair is in China also. They supply their nLTO materials to ABAT, Advanced Battery Technologies for their PLI, polymer-lithium-ion batteries..."

Than I added an article clip...

"SANTA ROSA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 28, 2005--ZAP (OTCBB:ZAPZ - News), pioneering the next generation of advanced transportation and energy technologies, announced today that the Company has signed an Agreement of Intent with Advanced Battery Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:ABAT - News) to develop, manufacture and distribute electric vehicles using ABAT's Polymer Lithium-Ion (PLI) batteries. ABAT develops and manufactures its PLI batteries in its factory in Harbin, People's Republic of China."

And this is from the Zap site...

"Under the terms of the strategic partnership agreement, ZAP provided Advanced Battery Technologies (ABAT) with several electric vehicles, including a ZAP low speed vehicle (LSV). ABAT then retrofitted the ZAP LSV with its next-generation lithium polymer batteries. Performance test results of the retrofitted vehicle indicate that the LSV range increased from 40 km (25 miles) to 150 km (90 miles) - more than a threefold increase in range."

A lil summary...

"(This is too funny... Altair has a battery agreement with Phoenix Motor Cars... however... Altair has a materials agreement with ABAT that makes the batteries for the company ZAP which makes EVs in California as competition to Phoenix... thought you guys might like that =)"

The Zap car may pale in comparison to other EVs out now or soon to come out... but any kind of publicity for EVs is a step toward changing the perception of EVs. One may think on the surface that Zap EVs are toys and give a bad rep to EVs... but remember Altair is involved and news for Altair is good news for EVs.


Golf Cart.


A slighty larger electric motor and backup generator would make the range and speed more practical. But then one would still have a three wheeler with virtually no protective crush zones front and back.

Back to the drawing board.

I wonder where Honda is in the plugin serial hybrid race? Have they joined it?


In responce to George...

RE: "Golf Cart"

This just in...


"The ZAP-X Crossover Electric Car - 155mph, 644 Horsepower, Based on the APX Technical Demonstrator Vehicle Designed & Developed by Lotus Engineering

Tuesday January 30, 4:00 am ET
ZAP-X features all wheel drive, 10 minute recharge time, a 350 Mile Range and will be the center piece of the NADA Exhibition, February 3rd to 6th.

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 30 -- Automotive pioneer ZAP (OTC Bulletin Board: ZAAP) today announced plans to display Lotus Engineering's advanced APX concept car at the North American Dealers Association (NADA) annual meeting and exhibition, February 3 to 6, 2007, confirming their choice to move ahead using Lotus' revolutionary platform and body structure design as the basis for the development of the high performance electric ZAP-X.

"It's very satisfying that ZAP's proposed new model will make use of a great deal of the APX concept's advanced body structure and chassis technology."

-- Mike Kimberley, CEO of Group Lotus plc

ZAP and Lotus Engineering will begin the first phase of an engineering project to use the British consultancy's APX ("Aluminum Performance Crossover") as a basis for designing a production-ready electric all-wheel drive crossover high performance vehicle for ZAP in the USA market.
A combination of the lightweight aluminum vehicle architecture, a new efficient drive and advanced battery management systems is intended to enable a range of up to 350 miles between charges, with a rapid 10-minute recharging time. An auxiliary power unit is planned to support longer distance journeys.

Lotus' APX's conventional gasoline V6 engine will be replaced by revolutionary in-hub electric motors, delivering 644 horsepower in all wheel drive mode, theoretically capable of powering the ZAP-X to a potential top speed of 155mph. A new strong, lightweight and highly efficient structure based on the Lotus technology is planned to give the car a very attractive power-to-weight ratio.

Steve Schneider, CEO of ZAP, said: "Lotus Engineering's APX technology demonstrator vehicle is a perfect fit for our plans to introduce a full product portfolio of electric cars. Due to the initial design by Lotus, our cost and time to production will be significantly reduced. We believe that the ZAP-X will become the most advanced, most practical and most appealing flagship electric vehicle to date and will revolutionize the industry providing the driver with the enjoyment of a sports car and the practicality of an SUV."

Mike Kimberley, CEO of Group Lotus plc, said: "Lotus Engineering's APX is a world-class innovative concept and was developed to showcase real solutions to new challenges facing the automotive industry. So it's very satisfying that ZAP's proposed new model will make use of a great deal of the APX concept's advanced body structure and chassis technology. The bringing together of these next-generation vehicle technologies represents another significant step forward for automotive technology."

The APX showcases Lotus Engineering's Versatile Vehicle Architecture technology, combining lightweight aluminum vehicle architecture with exceptionally strong and stiff structural rigidity, as well as lower manufacturing investment requirements. Having first been shown to the world at the Geneva motor show in 2006, the APX concept has won the 2006 European Aluminium Awards in the "Transport and Automotive" category.

The innovative placement of the power train leaves the space previously occupied by the conventional engine and drive train for additional battery capacity and amenities, making it a very consumer-oriented electric car concept. These design features will give the ZAP-X crossover the structural strength, and potentially storage and range that no electric vehicle has yet achieved publicly.

The development programme is proposed to be managed from a new centre of excellence for research and development of environmentally-friendly vehicle designs and technologies. Engineering input will come from Lotus Engineering Inc, and the British technology consultancy's other R&D centers in the UK, Malaysia and China.


Hmmmmmm... all electric!!!
Hmmmmmm... 10 minute recharge time, that sounds like a familiar technology!!!
Hmmmmmm... R&D center in China... could it be that this technology will be based on ABAT's PLI Li-ion battery???
Hmmmmmm... Isn't it Altair the company that supplies NLTO to ABAT for their PLI Li-ion battery???

The plot thickens BIGTIME!!!


Great stuff Jimmi.

Very encouraging if electric muscle cars start beating up on ICEs.

Chinese electric cars maybe more affordable, an economy model around 14k at your local Walmart? I think so.

Notice the backup generator? Tesla and Phoenix ought to take note of that.

And once again, where is Honda? Can't they see that their generator business would soar with a solid oxide fuel cell/microturbine system? Every other car maker would buy one for their serial plugin hybrid.


I'm glad a reputable and prestigous company such as Lotus decided to get in the sports EV market. Public perception should start to change. EV's aren't just golf carts anymore. I can't wait till Feb 3 when the concept car makes an appearence. Watch out Tesla... the big boys are starting to play your game.


Very complex contracts involved Jimmi. Chinese companies can modify ALTI's design and knock it off, the court dispute over the patent rights might be settled after 50 years?

But who has the leverage in China to enforce patent rights and contracts and get paid?

Only a company that controls access to US markets for a chinese product. In this instance a battery or car employing that battery.

I think that's the triumph of Walmart. Someone there (probably old Sam before he died) realized that in dealing with China you need the power to enforce contracts and property rights. That means making the chinese communist party/military officials partners.

They are the ones who collect debts there. Who make "an offer they can't refuse" to anyone who is uncooperative with any Walmart deal.

We are looking at corporate feudalism combined with dictatorship of the proletariat. One question?

Did Walmart get their dictatorship of the proletariat employee/consumer management style from their dealings with China and China get their corporate feudal modification of communist dictatorship from Walmart?

Interesting how corporate governance by kleptocracy evolves!

Small startups like ALTI will have to give away the store to do business in China. Who will buy the successful battery companies out to make this mass production in China work? Only the insiders will know beforehand. So in trading these companies watch insider trading action (I'm not talking about published insider trading).

We can't do that effectively as individual traders, but the hedge funds' survival depends upon it. Just like watching the big institutional traders during the internet boom. Watch and anticipate the next move by watching hedge fund activity.

Institutional activity used to be tipped off by financial journalists, but now I think these types are mere tools of the hedge fundies.

Check the background to the Bartiromo story, she was used by hedge fund scammer Jim Kramer in 2002. Some internet news source must have information from inside hedge funds? That would be REAL news.

The fourth estate could do a lot to restore a trading environment that was fairer to individual traders without access to insider informnation, by simply exposing the trading patterns of the hedge funds who regularly trade with impunity on it.

Corporate jetsetters like kramer and Bartiromo won't be doing that. They'd lose their seats at the princely global corporate feudal airborne banquet. Oh if King George could only see what he missed out on!

Jim from The Energy Blog

I just posted a story on the ZAP-X here. I was aware of the press release that jimmi posted this morning, but was waiting to see if I could get an interview with ZAP, which I did, but it takes a little time to set that up. I think I got some useful information that isn't available elsewhere. Please take a look.

Bold type not intended, but I can't gid rid of it.


Thanks a bunch Jim...

That article really needed to get some attention. I hope you didn't mind the way I put it out there and I really appreciated the additional interview you were able to acquire. Before I make comments on this turn of events (which I'll do in the correct place), I must comment on some of DocX's comments.


RE: "Chinese companies can modify ALTI's design and knock it off, the court dispute over the patent rights might be settled after 50 years?"

Dude... I think you're confusing the fact that ABAT's agreement with Altair is just for the NLTO. ABAT's battery design is all theirs. ABAT doesn't have anything to modify. They aren't getting the Nanosafe Battery. Now if ABAT is trying to copy the process of making NLTO than that's a different story, and one I don't care to waste my brain cells on left-field speculations.

RE: "Small startups like ALTI will have to give away the store to do business in China. Who will buy the successful battery companies out to make this mass production in China work?"

Altair is already doing buisness in China. I can't elaborate more on that... I'm just stating the obvious. Just FYI way back a few years ago... Altair signed a distribution agreement with ABAT for the NLTO. Look in Altair's news releases and you'll find the one where 2 metric tons of NLTO was shipped to ABAT. Hmmm... I wonder how much longer before they have to order some more NLTO?

And as far as your point of view on trading... of coarse trying to find positive movements in funds is a good thing, but it is just a drop in the well. I started my research on Altair back in the winter of 2004. I've read every 10K and 10Q report since I started (to make sure management adheres to it's strategy). In fact, it was about 1 1/2 years before I even bought my first shares, and I even jumped off after making 10%. It took an additional 6 months of follow up before I even decided to make Altair a 2+ year postion. I've researched all the the indexes and funds that Altair is publically apart of. Are you aware that some of the funds have Altair as their top holding??? I've research all the companies Altair has agreements with to make sure R&D will make progress in a way that I feel will generate profits for the company, my company Altair (I can say that cause I technically own part of it). How do you think a non-scientist (me) knows so much about Altair? I've reseaerch EEEI... ABAT... Eli Lily... Phoenix. Not only that, I've researched Altairs competitiors such as A123, Maxell, Valance, Sanyo, Eestor (well as much as they will tell the public) so forth and so on. Haven't you noticed I make announcements before Jim does. And I even pull out facts (not speculation) of developements of anything that has to do with Altair or Altair's competitors.

I'm a contrarian investor... I do not follow the herd (hedge funds). I do my research the old fasion way and make valid educated guesses. Seems odd DocX that you seem wishy-washy about backing Altair. Some days you like em... some days you don't. Try to make a decision and follow through. You said before you're going to start up your trading account and back batteries. I truly doubt you did... but if you're so inclined to do so... remember this... like Warren Buffet says... if you don't know the company, you have know buisness investing in it!!!


That last line was meant to read....

"...you have NO buisness investing in it!!!"

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