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January 29, 2007



I can only assume the date on the press release is wrong, yes?


How much longer before they admit that corn based ethanol is a dead end? If they can produce cellulosic ethanol at those prices, we've got something, but we are already using 1/4 of the corn crop without making a dent in our oil usage. Time to look elsewhere.


I agree, corn is a dead end. [link]


Don't most cellulosic ethanol systems use the same distillation process? It will reduce the cost of it too.

Jonathan Bloom

Yup, corn ain't the answer. Besides, let's not take any corn from its best use--fattening the world in soda and candy.

All jokes aside, if we have such a surplus of corn that we're turning it into fuel, isn't it time to rethink why we grow so much? Especially considering how much oil goes into growing that corn in the first place more than 1/4 gallon per bushel). I just wrote about this topic on www.wastedfood.com


Guy's.. please read my new comment in the "Zap" post... something very special just happened!!! I appologize for repeating this comment on the latest posts but I really think this is some very important news!!!



I have been researching and writing about the growing ethanol industry in Canada. One thing is certain - Exxon or what we know as Esso up here is pure evil and must be boycotted. http://roberrific.typepad.com/drunkenmoose
I want to start and or participate in a worldwide action against criminals. I sincerely hope the power of the internet overwhelms these crooks someday as I'm sure that history will record their crimes against humanity.

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As a part of the continuous campaign to reduce greenhouse emissions, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) held a meeting in Fresno last June 14 to reformulate the California gasoline blend. The meeting involved ethanol and petroleum producing companies around California as well as the California state government lead by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. All parties agreed to increase the ethanol content of the California gasoline by up to 10%. Once implemented, this new resolution will lead to the reduction of harmful gas emissions. In addition, the new resolution is also expected to lower gasoline prices in California. Good news for our fellow drivers in California. Other states should also pass a resolution like this.

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