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January 31, 2007



Guy's.. please read my new comment in the "Zap" post... something very special just happened!!! I appologize for repeating this comment on the latest posts but I really think this is some very important news!!!


Paul Dietz

The chemistry here makes a lot of sense to me. Methane is rather strongly bound, so the conventional synthetic methane scheme, in which syngas is made, cooled, purified, then reacted, suffers from heat being produced in the methanation reactor. I recall seeing schemes for recycling this heat, but it would be better to just have it be released in the gasifier itself.

I imagine the issue here was coming up with a catalyst that could work well enough in the nasty environment of the gasifier (ash, sulfur, etc.) without being poisoned or suffering too high a rate of attrition.

Coal gasification

Integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) has been identified as the most efficient and environmentally friendly technology for producing low cost electricity from coal.


Nice piece! Has there been any objection the the station since is was devised?


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