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January 29, 2007



California has been unable to meet its lofty alternative energy goals for bureaucratic reasons, despite broad bipartisan support in this state. There are two agencies that must approve any given project before it can be built. The 20% by 2010 law is 13 pages long, a comparable one in Texas is ten paragraphs. It's a wonder anything gets built at all.

NIMBYism is also a factor. The Sunrise Power Link, which is intended to bring in solar energy from a solar-thermal project by Stirling Energy Systems, will probably have to take a less efficient route through the desert because certain environmental groups oppose it.

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You can discover what Steven Carew "has got" by visiting wholesale the website for Rhino Hydro. There are a few "update" items there, dated 2004.

But, the essence of Steve's invention is described under the "technical" menu selection, as follows:

"This electro generating plant employs magnets and springs to help create a perpetual motion which hiphone drives a generator. Thus giving you the electricity you need."

Get the picture, Jason? Hard to imagine Steve can't get funding . . .2945abc45 0422

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