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January 31, 2007


David Shvartsman


Silicon Valley certainly has been high on "clean tech" the past year or two. It's definitely been one of the main things (along with Web 2.0) VCs have been excited about lately.

You might have seen this very interesting article from Business 2.0 magazine last fall on the role Silicon Valley has taken in shaping the solar industry. I'll include a link for anyone who'd like to check it out.



Mark C R (Chemist) UK

It doesn't suprise me in the slightest.

Since I expect increased demand for "intelligent" and integrated consumer goods in future.

In electronics probably - modular - in nature also...


Guy's.. please read my new comment in the "Zap" post... something very special just happened!!! I appologize for repeating this comment on the latest posts but I really think this is some very important news!!!



I am talking about General Motors Corporation, Ford Motor Company and the Chrysler Group. These domestic car makers of rocker arms recently joined the United States Climate Action Partnership which is one among the coalition that works on the reduction of greenhouse gases on the roads of the US to prevent global warming. This alliance of big business and firms as well as environmental groups told the US President George W. Bush that the country needs mandatory emission restrictions to decrease the emissions of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases that cause environmental problems. I just wish that the automakers together with the government would really continue with their eco-program and not just for the moment that issues on environment protection is still hot. Anyway, the environment is everybody’s business which means that we also have roles to play in protecting the environment.

Rocker Arms

nice article

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