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December 23, 2006



Is there a corporate hell for the boardroomates who have run US auto companies into the ground for the best interests of their favorite multinational oil companies?

There ought to be.

The really ironic part is that this will also doom those same oil companies, as mileage increases and eventually electric vehicles eliminate oil demand.

Harvey D

Churchill was right. You can't fool all the people all the time.

Finally, North Americans are waking up and buying more efficient common sense vehicles. Can't wait to buy a Toyota Prius III with extended electric mode range.

Chinese all electric mini vans-cars will be around soon to further compete with North American gas guzzlers and Japanese-Korean makes.

Maybe, GM-Ford-Chrysler should concentrate on Hummer like monster gas guzzlers for those of us who still believe that bigger is better.

Will car making (specially EVs and batteries) go the same way as TV-Radio-Telephone-Computers-Cameras-Micro-Waves and other electrical-electronic units went?

I wouldn't be surprised if it does.


Great job unions! Keep demanding your pensions and non-competitive over inflated wages! Congrats! You've destroyed the American auto industry!


I work in advertising and American models from 2006 are festering on the lots, waiting for new owners. Credit companies are thriving, and people are learning that there is no surefire low price of gas timeframe, even if they aren't schooled in peak oil.

Price volatility is taking it's toll, as it should be. Odd times for all businesses attached to the US Dollar for their business model.


Harvey, it's the Toyota Prius version 4 you're looking forward to.

The first Prius version was introduced in 1997 and sold only in Japan. Toyota improved the battery and increased the power for version 2, model years 2001-2003. Toyota made further improvements and restyled the bodywork for the current version 3.

Prius version 4 will have LiIon batteries and likely have a "plug-in" option as well.




In a recent article on Reuters dated 7/25/07 here... http://today.reuters.com/news/articlenews.aspx?type=scienceNews&storyid=2007-07-25T132942Z_01_T153787_RTRUKOC_0_US-TOYOTA-PLUGINS.xml&src=rss it states that the new Prius (Prototype) Plug in Hybrid vehicle can only go 8 miles (Yes it says 8) with a full trunk of Nickel Hydride batteries and that current technology! does not exist to put in lithium-ion batteries, which I beg to differ. Please can someone tune Toyota into Tesla motors who uses them currently in the Tesla and achieve 250 or so on one charge. BIG HELLO TO TOYOTA. Reducing our carbon dioxide in the atmosphere should be our number 1 priority, and since Toyota is not controlled by the US government then it would be easier for them to start this up. Could someone please email a top Exec. at Toyota and let them in on the secret Tesla has discovered. I have looked for CEO etc. email address for Toyota and have not found it. Anyways, just needed to vent.

Thanks for your time,
Chad Wilkinson

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Their applications to LEDs are also very promising. Sounds like this development of nanotechnology will have a bright future (pun intended) in energy applications.




According to Autopia, for the first time ever, the top selling car company in the world won't be



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