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December 28, 2006


Greg Woulf

This is very exciting. I wonder what the net is for CO2 used for growth vs. CO2 from the burn of the finished product.

Even if it's the exact same as gasoline net it's still a way to localize.


Nice research indeed.
The contamination problems have always existed. It's what happens with spirulin already cultivated at a large scale in the Californian desert since the 80s.

Apart from the cost and the final form of energy, somebody knows the energy yield of this process compared to the same surface of photovotaics please ?


How much will an acre of this equipment cost? Will it be justified by the energy content of the biodiesel, the protein content of the algae as animal feed, or the pollution offsets it provides if uses smokestack effluent as feedstocks? Do most power plants have enough acreage available for growing algae to consume all of their carbon emmissions? What about winter-time emissions when the algae isn't get enough heat and light?

I'd really like this to work, but high capital costs are a concern. Thoughts?


The capital costs could be significantly lower since the bioreactor will be made of plastic film bags rather than solid tubes.

Two things I think could resolve the issue of land availability and daylight v. nighttime performance of bioreactors is to use the same sort of storage for CO2 as is currently used for natural gas. If we could pump CO2 from various locations into a geologic formation for temporary storage then pipe it to a central farm capable of consuming the CO2 from several stationary sources, then gradually create a network of pipelines for moving exhaust rich in CO2 and NOx around, the efficiency of these systems could be enhanced dramatically.

First, you get the greater economies of scale from a larger farm, with fewer but larger pieces of equipment for dewatering, extracting oil and making biodiesel and ethanol, secondly, you could pump all the CO2 produced in the course of a day into a larger array of bioreactors, but only during their most productive times.

If sunlight was low on a rainy day, CO2 could be stored or simply pumped at a slower rate.

The first step is obviously to demonstrate that industrial scale bioreactor farms can produce fuel at a competitive cost, but from there, efficiencies will improve in a lot of unforeseeable ways.

Hady Marzuki

Would the technology knowledge be provided for Free ?
What about installing it on Roof tops of building and feeding the algae with city pollutions. I believe, installing greeneries on building roof top would reduce the heat reflected and would probably reduce some warning to the environment (Anyway I am no expert, its just an oppinion)
What about testing it in Jakarta (the city pollution is high here)


Living in Thailand, I concur with A3K. But I'm particularly interested in siting algae-production close to effluent-producing areas (pig farms, breweries, sewage-pipes). Plus, energy-input boosted by solar power. Any thoughts? In particular, actual costs seem hard to come by. Cheers.


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