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December 28, 2006



This brings to mind a low power, low voltage solar arrangement using solar panels and batteries. Featuring LED lights that turn on and off automatically to save energy and the substituition of ultra-efficient laptops and flat screen DVD/TV for the usual energy hogs.

A 12 volt electric system that can be easily and safely (it won't start fires or give shocks due to the low voltage)installed in new or old homes without the expensive wiring and systems (electricians and building codes)needed for 110 volt AC systems. It's a great way to invest in solar without large expense.

Then other higher power home applications like water pumping and heat pumps can be switched to solar, wind, or other renwables like biogas/fuel cell later with a separate high power system. It could introduce solar into the home and get people used to relying on it, while still safely connected to the grid they are comfortable with.

For off grid homes it would supply the benefits of electricity without the drawbacks of generators or expensive solar/wind systems. With mass production it could be affordable for people who still pump their water by hand and heat their homes without grid power.

And don't forget the stationary bike generator backup! Great exersize and adequate to backup a low power system ike this. Wanna use the computer, but the battery is low? Peddle kids, just peddle! Hehehey.

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