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December 12, 2006



This technology is too late and too expensive to head off GHG disaster. And then there is the proliferation and terrorism problem.

But let 'em try one of these, along with a couple other waste neutralizing designs, on already contaminated, remote sites like Yucca Mountain. They need to clean up their mess!

The nuclear industry is one of the worst corporate offenders as far as political corruption, contamination, and danger to civilization. If availabilty of nuclear materials to terrorists continues, enabled by the spread of nuclear power, the end is nigh. WW3 involving nuclear weapons.


It looks like the "more" link got fat fingered. Try this instead:


Thanks for the tip, the more link is fixed-Jim

Paul Dietz

Now ask them how long it takes to destroy the transuranics in the fast reactors, how big the Pu/etc. stockpiles will be, and how much of the waste can be expected to leak into the environment from reprocessing activities.

Then ask how much more expensive this will be than a once-through fuel cycle with thermal reactors.

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