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December 09, 2006



Great news! Maybe the big three backed A123's design just to have an excuse not to buy into Pheonix?

It could be. Phoenix looks like it could beat everyone right now! Including Subaru.

Look out though, remember Tucker, he tried to beat Detroit and look what happened to him. Ford is the fleet vehicle winner in most areas, and that has to be kickbacks impelling those sales because the reliability is horrible. I have heard stories of new Ford trucks that needed 3 transmission replacements in 3 years.

The road supervisor that told me of these problems with his Ford work truck owns a Toyota as a personal vehicle. But someone was bribed to buy the Ford fleet for the county. Another figure I heard was that US auto dealers make 40% of their profits off of repairs.

So poor quality actually is the only thing keeping many big three auto dealers in business. Without it they would shut down immediately. Instead of a few years from now, if Detroit keeps on the trail to bankruptcy with bidness as usual.


Yes, I think Phoenix will have to contend with all the sleazy tricks big business uses to grab market share. I wish them luck.


"Phoenix Motorcars Schedules First Ride-in Demonstation at Feet Buyer Sites"

demonstRation (no spell checker?)


Sorry to be picky, but two typos in a headline is inexcusable, even in a blog.

sorry, not excusable, but FYI the headlines do not go through the spell checker - Jim

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