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December 25, 2006


Thomas Marihart

This is the Leadership we need from Government: Lead by example, promote KEY technology development and invest in new strategic businesses and infrastructure.

Mammoth Kudos and thanks from Kalifornia on the NY PHEV initiave.

Somebody in Govt finally started the ONE thing we can do today to promote new business growth domestically, drastically reduce inefficiencies/vulnerabilities in our power infrastructure and drastically cut our use of oil...all at the SAME TIME.

Great job NY!


But what I don't understand is that this plug-in-hybrid plan doesn't make sense to me.

1. Add more batteries, thus making the car weigh more and thus takes more energy to move (energy=mass*acceleration). (quickest way to reduce gas mileage- put some rocks in your trunk!)

2. Create the energy at some far-away location, in the US that means it's being generated with fossil fuels! (How does that make us less dependent?)

3. Lose a bunch of the energy during transmission through the power grid.


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