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December 06, 2006



It appears that the diesel engine is connected to the transmission.

But why would they do that? Would it not be more cost effective and simpler to have the diesel run a generator instead?


Yep that's called a serial hybrid. Two motors, one electric to drive it, and one that uses fuel to generate electricity.

A better choice than the complication of those transmission systems.

With a fuel cell/microturbine that runs on biofuel a serial hybrid would get 5 times the mileage of an iCE model, withoit even a plugin battery. With plugin it would average 10 times the mileage or more.

barry hanson

How are they calculating the 84 mpg? All on diesel? If not then what percentage of the miles are on battery?



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Dr R. Fredrick Harding

Great to have a TRUE electric car available to the public.

How long before I can get one near zip code 38585 ?


Dr Fredrick Harding

Makayla Chalker

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