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December 06, 2006


Jeff Becker

I'll be interested in follow-up articles as this project progresses. I do hope they go through with it.

Weston Nawrocki

I was interesting in S.D.E. Energy Ltd the israel company you posted about tidal power, this one one their website has an investor section. Investing in something like this cheap power enviroment seems good to me


Spectacular project!

The wave and current power in the channel between the north and south islands is legendary also. I wonder if it might produce 20 or 30% of their power?

They have huge wind resources as well, offshore as well as on land. This progressive paradise could show the rest of the world the way to a clean energy economy.

Over a half million in revenues per year from each 22 meter underwater generator, that is a very good return on investment!

Stan Flouride

Aug. 1932 version of harnessed tidal power in cool scan:

John Wanoa

Platinum Tidal Electric Bridge Construction Company Limited Remuera Auckland New Zealand

Dear Energy Blogs and readers

Please I invite you to comment on our Tidal Project I encourage any form of Tidal Energy In stream Power Generation and continued promotion as the Tide waits for no one Platinum is in a position to now go ahead in the Kaipara Harbor Public Consultation Talks and responses objections or support registered on the Platinum Website before September 31st 2008 when we expect to have a better prospective on the Project and Investment options addressed Platinum Tidal Energy is a 2billion Share Registered Company to be administered through Computer share Registry Services Limited Company 25% reserved for International Company’s 15% Share market and Platinum holds 70% to the Company's Amalgamated Co Operatives with Platinum Company Co Management Ownership and Collective Control
Information including the Moriori Manukau Tribesmen Manawhenua can be seen on our website here

and check out the Platinum Tidal Energy Project Concept Alternative Energy for East Cape Wanoa Whanau Marangairoa C12 Land Blocks Tidal Power Project and the Manukau Tribesmen’s Kaipara Harbour USD$20billion Tidal Energy Bridge Project Though we missed out on the EECA Government Marine Energy First Round Funding it is now possible and probable that Funding will come from offshore Governments who are taking an interest in the Platinum Tidal Energy Project even though we missed out on EECA Funding one of our downfalls was TIME and another Investors I can say that Price Waterhouse Coopers are now engaged and await my confirmation of investors complete the 6072MW Net output converted to 3000MW Liquid Hydrogen Remote Portable Bulk Export Liquid Fuels Power in a bottle Platinum Hydrogen Electric Project Development Contracts with NGO'S Governments Directly This represents milestones start Target Market Hydrogen Economy and Global Cooling Greenhouse Gas Emissions Balanced Environment

Thank you Energy Blogs


John Wanoa

Platinum Tidal Bridge and Turbine Design Engineer Researcher Mechanic

Moriori Historian and Treaty of Waitangi Negotiator Moriori MANUKAU WAI 121 CLAIMS
For Kaipara Auckland Waikato Maori Lands

bath mateus

It was really a very informative post. Thanks a lot.


It is a good posting. I like it. It's pretty much impressive.

Nick Matyas

It's really a good posting. I like it. It's pretty much impressive to me. i think others will agree with me.



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