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December 10, 2006



The silicon market is difficult to analyze because of both solar PV demand and microchip demand. uC silicon is higher grad than PV silicon, and the microchip industry is willing to pay more for very high grade silicon because it's a much smaller fraction of their manufacturing cost compared to solar, but, if the uC industry is running slow, the uC silicon manufacturers dump silicon onto the solar market. Fun fun.



Classic black swan problem. We can't predict if the CGIS technology is going to be really disruptive. But if it is, it's a big problem to the polysilicon people.


Until someone with access to capital wakes up to the fact that huge profits can be made by using solar furnace technology to produce silicon based PV cells. That's how long the shortage will last.

Then capital will pile into this technology.

Larry Pearlman

How many suppliers are there in the United States? Does anyone know? Where are they and how do you get in touch with them?

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If you would convince others, you seem open to conviction yourself. What do you think?

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He was such a good analyst.

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